Bikini Body for December


Who have summer in December? Australians do! One Tuesday, after a little chit chat accompany with delicious Sweet strawberry tart and a lunch in an Aceh Restaurant. I think I need to burn some calories and diminish some fat to look great in swim suit. I choose to bike around, since its fun and I had bike, Lol.
1st try, I bike for 4 km took a rest at KFC and order Mocca Float (ouch, so failed), But on the way back home I took a 6 km route.
2nd try I took the same route, but instead of stop at KFC, I went to Superindo (Supermarket) to do a little errand for my brother.
3rd try I took a longer route, 8 km with some stop at “Universal”  DVD rental store, I rent 5 title of old movies, and a little chit chat near my place with friends.
4th try, I took longer route like 11 km, I start late than usual, and the street weren’t as crowded as usual, so I took a chance to add more km and visit my friend on the way back home, and took my package from my cousin place.

Acctually since it’s a rainy season, any outdoor sport activities isn’t such a great idea. I hardly bike this past week because of the weather. But here is some tips to be enthusiast to workout.

Halloween 2013


Okay I didn't go to any Halloween party, I just got home from the parent meeting from my brother school, order some Chinese food and then had date with my dentist. But night is still long, it's Halloween, everybody dress up, and I'm feeling creative. I put some make up and Tadaaa...

I dress as Nü gui, in chinese folkore this ghost is the spirit of a woman who committed suicide while wearing a red dress. Usually, she met with some injustice when she was alive, such as being wronged or sexually abused. She returns to take her revenge.The dress, I got it for Chinese new year in 2012, My cousin ask me, "Did you watch the horror movie about the girl who killed while wearing a red dress, and then the spirit haunt the killer for revenge". What an info sis, and such an inspiration.
Eventually I got extra time and creativity left from last night that I try to make some gore...
All I use only tissue, eyelid glue, some foundation and dark brown shadow and red nail polish.

Aesop in Bathroom

I'm quite addicted to Aesop product, that would be the first thing that I would buy when I travel abroad (Aesop haven't opened their store here yet). While searching for inspiration for my bathroom I found these simple bathroom with Aesop bottle so stunning, yet blend with the simplicity around. More image after jump.

How's life lately?

I've been trapped inside this house since my return from Hong Kong. I can leave house if I want. But I will felt super guilty over my paperwork (due next Thursday and which unlucky I haven't started yet). What happen to my life lately:
1. I just came home from Hong Kong and I one thing I regret is I don't bring a luggage big enough.
2. I hope that this is my final year, In order to obtain my diploma I should finish writing undergraduate thesis. which I haven't really start. (Super Lazy)
3. We'll move out from our house, and plan to buy or build  a house. So soon enough, I will put many picture about interior design and all the thing.
4. I want to buy a new camera pocket, and new cellphone, with limited budget, I should decide which one I would buy.
5. Mosquitoes, I caught at least 3 or them in my room 'everyday'. wtf, I never been attacked by little insect like this. Good thing we'll move out soon, but still at night I couldn't sleep, because they fly near my ears.
6. have you seen new Trouble Maker MV Now? check them right now! I don't think the story line good enough, but Hyuna and (especiallly) Hyun Seung really rocking their new look.

I'm Back

I'm Back (but will be gonne for a while next week)
It's been 3 months since the last post!

While I was away I missed ten weeks of Sunday Secret from PostSecret.
I might be a little stress right now since next Sunday will be my turn for presentation.
But soon after I finish the presentation, I'll back to my creative routine.

Finals Weeks plus Music Video of the moment: Byul-You're the Best


Finals weeks is coming! I'm so busy prepare for exam, yeah busy. So busy that I'm so stressed, that I need try to find a new song to listen/ to watch. So I find this new song from Byul, you're the best. Fall in love with the cute anime video and the lovely voice of her.
Couldn't stop looking at the bunny shake their butt. 

Style Inspiration: Frill Effect

I'm so bored seeing the black and white pattern trend that practically everywhere. It emerges as a stripe, check mat and huge hound's tooth, on pants, skirt , dress , shoes everywhere. Although I'm a big fan of black and white, I can't stand it any more. I want to see another color another pattern. Other thing aside the stripe, checkmate and hound's tooth. Beside living in tropical country where the sun shine 365 days a year, and in the corner of drier season. The sun shine brightly to the point it hurts my eyes. Those pattern for me look like a square concrete building in the middle of desert. Hot weather + Strong structure = Harsh Rash. 

I would propose this frill effect style. A frill detail on the end of the sleeves, on the collar , and skirt give an instant touch of femininity. Soften all the harsh. and added fun detail to the plain outfit.


Kate Spade Inspired Nails


For me nothing more relaxing than paint my nails. After submit the impossible flaw-full paper last friday, I told my self I need to relax a bit before start another paper. Last week,despite the rush to catch the paper deadline, I still (somehow) manage to update the latest fashion editorial around. I saw the editorial "Southern Belle"  from Glow Canada May 2013. A colorful retro lady like editorial. there is one outfit that catch my eyes. here is it.
image source : FGR

Video Music of the Moment: Brunch | Ga In 가인, Hyung Woo조형우


I've been told you that I was so busy at university, today we had a surprise mid-term. We have no clue at all that there will be a mid term today. Since we had been agree that we'll have the mid term next week. I have paper due this Friday (12/04/13), up until now I haven't start to write anything. Since I miss last week post, Today I'll share another Korean music video, Brunch by Gain and Hyung Woo.

What? Another Korean song??? There's a subtitle in English so you could understand the song.

Product Review: Aesop's Bitter Orange Astringent Toner


As I promised, here is the review of few Aesop's products I've tried. Last year I went to Paris for about a month. I had acne prone skin and it was dry because of the prescribe acne treatment. I decided to change all the acne treatment that would suit my skin condition and suitable with the climate.

DIY Perspex Cross Over Bag

  To join this spring transparency trend, I design my own perspex cross over bag. I added colorful-stripe pouch for a fun and casual look, as for glamorous look I use sequin pouch (bonus from magazine). (oops grammar mistake, I'll upload the revision picture soon)
As seen on the runway......
image source: 1,2,3,4,5

Word Play: Hot Tea and a Hottie

boys some pick up line, try it! While the weather is still breezy. 

QUICK DIY | velvet nail


Who doesn't love affordable and easy substitute. Instead of flocking powder or velvet ribbon, I use embroidery floss. Why? I really could not find the flocking powder, and I happen had tons of embroidery floss at home.

App of the Moment: SomTodo


SomTodo is a free task manager application for iPhone and Android and also in web. There are two things that I love about this application. First it has simple layout and no ads although it's free. Second I like the cloud feature which allows me to add update through the closest gadget in my reach, and everywhere in sync. I've been using this for few weeks, so far it run smoothly on my old android phone. Plus I could quickly add something by widget (not sure how to explain this, I just simply don't need open the program, practical!)

Android | iPhone

DIY GLITTERY CIRCLE SKIRT ( Inspired by Jason Wu's Gown S/S '13)


Fashion trends have changed each season,  the shape, the color, the cutting,the pattern and so does the Materials. Each season there always new different trend in material. Lighter fabric for hotter season and heavy and warm one for colder season.
Circle skirt would always be my favorite sewing project. It's easy to make and never out of date. You can try to work with different materials and create various style. This time I use glittery tulle inspired by Jason Wu's Gown (Spring Summer 2013 Collection). In this gown we can see the small stars detail.


DETAIL & INSPIRATION: LEE HI (이하이) - IT'S OVER | Adorable Head Piece


Have you seen new Music Video of Lee hi's It's over? I'm not good at music or singing, so I won't give any comment about her music or singing. But I do love her voice.
The thing that catch my eyes from her latest video are tons of cute head piece from the hat with bears (mouse) ears, My little pony bando and jeweled bando. And also the outfit the are all cute simple mini dresses, Feminine, young and playful.

=More detail after jump =

DIY Cellphone Strap

There are so many ways to personalize your phone. Dress it in cute case, cover it with sticker or use straps. Adding strap is my favorite way since I could easily made them (and also it's hard to find some case for my cellphone). This time I got the inspiration from Dolce Gabbana Raffia accessories for spring summer 2013 collection. They had sandals, bags and earrings made of colorful raffia. I Try to interpret the Tassel crystal earring,instead of raffia I use straws to make the tassel and adding the gold accent with gold button.

Quick DIY | SNSD Inspired Pearl Cat ears


Last fall I found this Pearl Cat Ears Headband from ASOS, it's love at the first sight. This cat ears are cute but still edgy. After that I spotted them on Lea Michelle in Nylon Covers for September 2012 issue. I also spotted some Korean Pop star like Lee hi and SNSD (Girls' Generation) wearing similar style Cat Ears headband.

This gonna be a quick project, It only took me 20 minutes to finish both ears.Be ready to see your old or boring headband transforming into a fun and cute head piece.

Beauty Brand: Aesop

Aesop is an Australian beauty brand establish in late 80's specialised in plant base and laboratory-made product. While other skin care brand use faces and provocative slogan talking about the innovation or the product's effectiveness, Aesop offer you product sample to try. And when you visit their signature store, you will get personal consultation from trained staff who will help you to find the product that suit your needs.
Aesop have more that fifty signature store worldwide. Each store interior have a unique different concept. They work with local architect and explore the inspiration from the surrounding environment. Take a look at Dezeen's post about Aesop store design and concept.

2013 Beauty Resolution


 "Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out"

1. Flat Iron 
    I'm not a fan of sleek straight hair, but I learned that we also can use flat iron to create a wavy hair style.
2. Get Make-up Brush
     When applying eyeshadow I use my hand to blend the product. I end up catch more product in my finger tip than my eyelid.
3. Try BB cream
    Before I've tried BB cream from Maybelline and but it made me breakout. But I never try the Asian BB cream. It claims to give your skin nice coverage while repair/heal your skin.
4. Make up Palette
    Enlarge my collection and experiment with colors.
5. Instagram my nail creation
    Doing my nails is a great stress reliever, I done it once to twice a week. Instagram my nail help me to
6. Drink More Water
    Moisturize your skin from outside wouldn't enough, need helps from inside. Right diet and enough water would do.

picture : top 1/2/3 bottom 4/5/6

2012 going 2013

image src. weheartit

Alone in my room in new years eve, I couldn't have the silent night since the rain stop and the firework began.  It's so loud at the point so disturbing rather than admiring. At the very last minute I canceled my plan to spend NYE with my friend. I think I love being by myself (and internet) a lot more. 2012 had been an adventurous year for me.
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