Monthly Favorite: December 2014



1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamana Palette 

2. Etude House Dear Blooming Lips PK015 Dazed Pink 

3. Maybelline Color Show 401 Constant Candy (Swatch)

4.Canmake Eye Nuance 32

5. Jo Malone Amber & Lavender Collonge

6. Lovely Me:ex You & Eyes 21 Creamy Peach

Tatcha Enzyme Powder


I'm  obsess with enzyme  based cleanser. All this obsession start last summer, when visited Japan my sister bought Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder. Since then, I hooked with this type of cleanser. I never found any other thing that cleanse pore as good as Suisai Beauty Clear Powder. The only downside is it contain paraben.

How come enzyme could help to cleanse your pores?
Stuffed pores are clogged by dirt,oil and dead skin cell. Enzyme broke down the oil and dirt make your pores cleanse with out loosing much moisture. Unlike the scrub that might scratch your skin or another chemical that might dried your skin. So this perfect for sensitive and dried skin because it would work with the targeted problem.

So, I've been searching and surfing ever since. I came across with Tatcha Polish Deep Rice Enzyme Powder ($15).  It's similar to Kanebo Suisai.

Week 52: Merry Christmas


1. Resort Must-Have: Kayu Handbag. This is the hand made bag that we always see in any souvenir shop in South east Asia, but with proper design. (Olivia Palermo)

2.You'll be impressed by how a blind man sees with sound. (Buzz Feed)

3. How to make mini strawberry Roll Cake without oven (with pan). No need to make the Mille Crepes that actually doesn't taste like cake. (Ochikeron Youtube)

4. Take a look at Real Technique Bold Metals collection? (God Give Face Youtube)

5.What is better that cute french guy? A funny french guy who know how to cook! check French Guy Cooking in youtube.

6. They are actually younger that Jared Letto. (refenery29)

Where to shop Ready Stock?

Some people are to impatient for Pre-Order. The fastest one you should wait for 1 week to arrived the other you must wait for months to arrived. So here is the list of online shop where I shop for Ready Stock Item. I pick 5 stores with best price, best item, and best service.

1. Preorderbmimo (instagram)
imageI'm sure have spend a lot of money in this shop, and I'm satisfied with price and service. Preorderbymimo not only give pre-order services but they also sell ready stock item. they usually have a large stock of product on popular demand let say Urban Decay Naked Palette, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, NYX Matte Lipstick, Beauty Blender, Real technique brushes, Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, Coastal Scent palette, Paula's Choice. they always sell at the best price you could find in the market.
ps. if you open the website and visit the Ready Stock Forum you'll found many more ready stock item, samples that are not posted in instagram.
Currently wanted: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on  Pencil in Liar (250k IDR)

image2. Shoppinglust (instagram)
This is where you could find the crazy color of Lime Crime Velvetines (ready stock and in a best price), various color makeup like nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow and some skin care. I would say you will find the most random thing here. This shop tend to stock in latest beauty item in trend. 
You should try: Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder (265k IDR)

3. Sevenminutesbeauty (instagram)
imageHere you'll find much more various brand rather that shop I've previously mentioned. While the other two tend to stock popular items (I mean popular in indonesia). This shop sell newly launch product, If you wanted the latest eye shadow palette you could go to this shop. They also sell makeup Geek Pigment, Blush and Eyeshadow.
Currently wanted: Makeup Geek Pigment in Utopia and Afterglow 
(afterglow is already SOLD OUT hopefully restock soon)

image4. Cristalbeauties (instagram)
If you are so much into designer cosmetic line you should take a look at this shop. They sold Dior, YSL, Guerlaine, Tom Ford, Chanel, Marc Jacob etc. Although not all items are ready stock, they had fast Pre-Order. 

If you are looking for make up brushes, brush guard, brush cleanser, or eyeshadow shield this would be the right place. They sell tools in affordable price with wide range of variation.Also if you are looking for sleek makeup you should visit this shop. They had large selection of i-Devine palette and lip4 Palette.


No explanation needed, finnally sephora open an online store.

7. Beauty Haul Indo

If you are looking for limited edition MAC, Charlotte Tilbury , Viseart etc. This Store have quite wide selection of high street/high end brand.

8. TWL Cosmetics

If you are looking for drugstore, more affordable makeup you should visit this website. It has quite complete selection of maybelline products that did not imported in Indonesia.

Disclaimer: I'm not sponsored to make this post. I've been personally shop at all shop mentioned.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! I saw this few days ago while pick up something for my mom. The Face Shop did a collaboration with Hwang Na Kyeng for Christmas Special Product. I picked a tube of Foaming Bubble Bath Set, the set contain 4 portion of product in green, red, yellow, and purple container with golden lid. The package look like Christmas tree ornament.



My Christmas Playlist


Sorry for getting into the Christmas spirit too late, but here's a playlist of Christmas songs that is not only sound heavenly but also visually satisfying.

Week 51st Anna her style in the past and her designer paper.

Lamé Turtleneck
PHOTO CREDIT: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage
1. Who is she? It's Anna Wintour in early 90's (WhoWhatWear)

Anna Wintour Christmas Presents Photos
2. Anna, I just want the wrapping paper. Anna Wintour warp her present in designer paper.

3. I believe that we need a little guide to help decide the right thing to wear this holiday season, The Coveteur pick 5 outfits for every holiday occasion  . (The Coveteur)

4. EspoirxSmurf collection launch early 2015. (Altercoture.blogspot)

5. When you are traveling and didn't bring enough hair tie, this is how to finish a braid without elastic. (refinery 29)

Espoir x Smurf


Look what I found this morning?

EspoirxSmurf. Espoir did a Smurf collection. They have 2 eyeshadow palette for 25 000 KRW (23 USD) each, 5 Tinted Glow for 16 KRW each(14.5 USD) and a make-up pouch for 12 000 KRW (11 USD). This collection would be launch in early 2015. (More reason you couldn't wait for new year).



There's no better place to shop beauty product like Luxola, load up your cart as Luxola offer up to 35% discount, Today from 19.00 WIB till 23.00 WIB. Here's a little guide of what you should get from luxola.

Pre-Order 101

Where did you get that Hourglass palette?  Where could I get that Aesop's Toner?
I admit it, I'm not just enjoy wearing make up but also hunting for makeup. There's not much selection in the market (especially if you live in a small city). So to furnish my needs and desired I asked for personal shopper help to acquire some stuff. They could help you to get small beauty item to styling tools, fancy cleansing device etc. We called this process as pre-order.

What is Pre-Order?

Pre-Order is an order made to item that is not available in stock. As we know that the lack of selection of beauty brand and product, some people took initiative to offer a service to acquire a product based on your order. These people are happen to have relative who live in other country or just generally travel aboard a lot. This kind of service been operating since past 6-7 years.

Why Pre-Order?

We use this kind of service to acquire some beauty brand that is not available in Indonesia. Or you just some one who is always keep up with trend and couldn't wait till the product launch here.

Where could I Pre-Order?

If you are familiar with the biggest women forum in Indonesia, Female Daily. You could visit the Market Plaza and found some sub forum where they offer this service. You could find they offer to acquire beauty and fashion item, from US, Europe, Korea, Japan, Singapore etc.


From instagram. You could find the seller that offer this service by search the hashtag. Try a keyword likeyou could try 'Jual(name of the brand)' e.g. 'jualtarte'

My selected seller

From the FemaleDaily Forum

- Mimo (Pre Order by Mimo) (US)

- Valent (US)

- Moporie (US)

From instagram

- Cristal Beauties (Singapore)

My personal opinion

I'm not a big fan of pre-order. Just simply I couldn't wait when will the item will arrived. But I pre-order for some occasion, e.g. Holiday. We all know that close to holiday season the brands go crazy and give like crazy discount. We couldn't miss this chance to get the item that we'll always wanted or just feel great scoring a great deal. Around this time Pre-Order comes handy because you could get the item that is not available but in much tolerable price.

Honestly I never place an order openly in forum. I'd rather contacted the seller through email. and those 3 seller are really good, trusted and professional in my opinion.

Metallic Wonderland

While other see the winter wonderland as a colorful red, gold, and green winter decoration, or all white flat city covered in cold snow. I vision my winter wonderland is a world where the entire city covered in sparkling snow, the frost flower and ice crystal added the whimsical touch. I pick 12 silver items that telling the cool and romantic 'Metallic (winter) Wonderland'.

Addicted To Glamour

Danil Golovkin Jewelry05 FGR Exclusive | Anastasiya Kolbasko by Danil Golovkin in Addicted to Glamour  

Just a little reminder why I need to buy Lime Crime Venus Palette. Currently the palette is out of stock hopefully they restock soon. I missed when the palette first release. and it's been few weeks since the palette out of stock.

image source: "Addicted to Glamour" FGR exclusive  hair & makeup by Helena Zubareva

Beauty Product Launch in Early 2015

There's 2 weeks left in 2014. How's your Christmas gonna be? Are you home for Christmas? or go somewhere for a winter vacation? I just couldn't wait till the January came. Here's the compilation of reason why I couldn't wait for 2015.
MAKEUP RELEASE ON SPRING 2015 by altercouture

P.S some item could be purchase if you are VIB/ VIB rouge in sephora 

Sweet and Savory Toast


Happy Sunday! There some ambiance in Sunday that makes you lazy. The noisy neighbor gone for weekend, no one rush to go to school, street is empty. everything so peace and calm. More over with the rain that fall at 6 in the morning just make you wanna stay in bed forever. This is what I had to stuff my hungry belly. Something simple, Egg in the Hole . Just a simple one, topped with grated process cheese. I kept the round part and made sandwich with cherry jam.





I couldn't sit and wait the job came, so I need to do something. I try to bake Madeleine. I found the recipe from here. I follow the instruction carefully, but sadly I couldn't get the cake out perfectly the bottom part stay on the mold. But still they are good and edible.



Must Have: Micro Sized Purse


These purses just like being radiated by some wave that they became so tiny. But somehow the cuteness double. Here is micro sized purse to simplify your thick layer and add cuteness to the strong winter look.

Image Source

Inbal Dror Bridal Collection 2015

Inbal Dror, Israeli bridal designer just liven up my imagination of glamorous, sexy and romantic wedding dress. For 2015 the designer captured the sexy silhouette through the fitted dress with deep v-neck, backless and high slit. The long sleeved and cathedral length train, added the glamorous feel . ball gown and lace to create the romantic touch.

3 Lips Color to try for this Holiday Season


Here is my selection of 3 Lips Color to try for this Holiday season, plus totally affordable!

Han Ye Seul's (Sara) Looks in 'Birth of a Beauty'


Please Raise your hand if you also enjoying watching 'Birth of a Beauty' (or virtually you could leave comment :p). 'Birth of a Beauty' is a new week-end romantic comedy drama in SBS. If you know the film '200 pounds Beauty', this drama has a similar plot. Read the synopsis here. I fall instantly to the heroine's look (Sara) as I watch the drama opening. She is wearing this pretty knee length red dress. She has a long hair, middle parted and light brown dyed with brownish blonde highlight (don't judge me I'm not the best at explaining hair).

1. Hair  

-Romantic loose french braid-

Sara (played by Han Ye Seul) has a light brown long hair. Most of the time only styled by middle part and loose wave. Some other time Sara wore a head piece something like fascinator. Sometime, she had her hair loose french braided. I love this style so much you could easily pull off this style to complete your romantic and innocent looks.
Sara's Loose french braid
Did you catch the loose french braid?



- Thin and slightly curved eyebrow-

One thing that different from most of Korean beauty standard is Sara's eyebrow. She doesn't have that thick and straight eyebrow. She had a thin eyebrow that slightly curved in the end. most of the time she wear peach color lips. There is one time she wear a red lips. If you are beauty addict you'll knew it right away that she use YSL's Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain. After certain exploration I found that she use shade 11 Rouge Gouache. Read more about Sara's Lipsticks here.
YSL's Touche Eclat
YSL Beauty in Korean drama again...
Sara's Red Lips
Sara 's Peach lips at HBS Fund Raising Party


-Red dress, Nude Pump and a micro size Satchel-

I think that they had a romantic sexy concept. Most of the time, Sara wear cute mini dress, pump and coat. Sometimes Sara wear creeper and sneaker. She looks so cute in the creeper. Other thing that I notice she wears micro sized handbag a lot. Read more about Sara's outfit here,
Sara made me want to wear creeper

birth of a beauty korean drama fashion
I want to wear it
birth if a beauty korean drama fashion
Nude pump
birth if a beauty korean drama fashion
The cute mini satchel
birth of a beauty korean drama fashion
Cute mini size hand bag
birth of a beauty korean drama fashion
Dolce Gabbana Mini Mix Sicilly Bag
birth of a beauty korean drama fashion
Roger Vivier Miss Viv Bag

Image source: Korean Drama Fashion, Birth of a Beauty


Need it Want it! WANG 001 Slim Fit


Black jeans is something essential in my wardrobe. It goes well with flannel, Slouchy T-shirt, blouse every thing.. I need and want this WANG 001 high rise slim fit black denim. This kind of denim creating illusion of longer legs and hi-rise jeans is so comfortable since I don't need to constantly pull up jeans. 


Advent Calender for Gentleman


Love Magazine made an awesome Advent Calender, featuring Gorgeous Sexy women in lingerie like Cara Delevigne, Kendall Jenner, Liu Wen, Lily Aldrige and A Cute Dog, Neville Jacobs (Yes, Marc Jacobs' dog). Take a look to LOVE Advent Calender.

Day 8 Kendall Jenner
Day 7 Neville Jacobs
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