My Acne Story


So where do I start...
Maybe some intro. Hi guys sorry for disapearing for quite some time.. I've been busy with school this past 4 months so I hardly ever write about anything. As you can see I posted some pictures of my works in Instagram. So today I'll share some skincare/complexion related post. I've been wanted to shared this my Acne Story.
I don't have the clearest skin like I used to have. But It much better from what my skin been before.

I first started breakout 3 years ago. I guess because the changes makes my skin angry. At that time I was far-far away from home, the weather is different, the environment is different, and my diet changes drastically. I couldn't do anything much since it was the first time ever I have pimple all over my face. I was so desperate. I wanted to take a lot of picture while I was on trip but I just hate to be reminded how bad is my skin condition.

So once I went back home, I directly go to my regular beauty clinic to visit my doctor. She prescribe me a different skin care. I've continue to visit the same doctor for 6 months and I don't see any changes. So I changes to other doctor (still in the same beauty clinic). She prescribe me a totally different skin care regime. But there were barely any changes. I'm still breakout all over everywhere. My faced all covered with pimple. I've told my doctor again that I don't see any changes and sometimes I feel my face is burning and itchy. My doctor just told me "it's okay it just how the cream work". But I don't see any changes for another 6 months. plus my skin occasionally itchy and burning to the point it made me feels uncomfortable. At first I thought that it's a normal thing I've always had it since forever. But I've just realize that I only had it ever since I use the cream in high school. And it happen quite frequently at that moment. 

I remember one time the beauty clinic was closed, it was the last 2 day before I had to leave home for community service and trip to doctor might be impossible. I was crying desperately because my face  and my neck is sore, itchy, dry . So I decided to got to another doctor (this time not coming to the beauty clinic ever again). The Doctor told me that I've been prescribe with a strong cream, and my skin just couldn't take it any more. So she prescribe me with some cream to relief the sore, itchy, and dryness, plus she prescribe me with gentle cleanser (phisiogel). 

I never go back to doctor ever again. all the time I wasted waiting for the call, all the money that I spend on cream that doesn't work. So based on the experience, I learn that this beauty clinic, is only focus in selling their product. The doctor never really hear about how my skin feels. They only focus on selling cream and facial treatment without carefully listen and observed my skin condition. 

Since I'm no longer use what doctor prescribe me I've tried my over the counter product to treat my acne. I've tried, ROC, Sebamed, Physiogel, Clearasil etc. It takes quite sometime to find a product that actually works and help to clear my skin. It takes a lot of patience and browsing lol. Ever since I stopped the doctor's cream my skin never ever been sore and itchy. 

Lesson to learn
  •  Choose a doctor that would listened to all your problem and trying to make your skin pretty Not the one who focusing in selling product.

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