SUMMER BEAUTY : Pretty-Pretty Hair


Summer heat could do a damage to your beautiful lock, the constant sun exposure made your lock dull, dry and sometimes smell bad. Here is my my little trick on dealing with the heat.

SUMMER BEAUTY: Voluminous Beach Wave


I just learn this amazing technique to create a voluminous beach wave hair while taking care your hair from the sun and sea water damage. It's easy you won't need expensive styling product and basically all you do is to protect your hair from salt water, chlorine and sun but with bonus gorgeous hair.

What you'll need:
  • Hair band
  • Hair Oil / conditioner
  • Sun protection product for hair
  1. When I'm about to swimming I won't wash my hair, so natural oil would help to protect each strand of your hair. If you happen have a dry hair you might need some hair oil help.
  2. Before jump and dive into the ocean, I would use some hair oil, then braid your hair tightly and spray some sunscreen to protect your hair. 
  3. Have fun exploring the deep blue sea.
  4. Let your hair dry and then release the braid to unveil the sexy-voluminous-beach wave hair.
Unlike the one that process with tools, this way create much more natural looking wave. Plus this way you'll protect your hair from salt water and sun damage.

Have fun!

SUMMER BEAUTY: Beach Beauty Must Have


It's June! Who's going to spend their summer time on the beach? Then you should be getting ready to fight the sun and salt water from steal your beauty. Read more to find out all the beauty arms needed.

Acne Patches Review


This isn't a new trend in Asia, we use some kind of transparent sticker to cover pimple. I also love to use this method to help to make the pimple disappear. The idea is, it would cover the pimples and limited the contact with the harmful environment (dust, bacteria etc. all those things that would make the pimple worse). By cutting all those contact the pimple could heal faster. You could easily found one in mini market (Indomaret) or drug stores (Nexcare). I found many korean brand (Etude House, Missha, Innisfree, Skin food etc.) also have this kind of product. I've try 4 different brand, and I'd like to share my thought about this product with you.

Why I love this sticker?

This sticker isn't just some ordinary sticker/ transparent tape. It's also has all those ingredient to help the acne heals faster. like the one from etude house the use many natural ingredient like tea tree, garlic, papaya and many more. it also help the benzoyl peroxide contact with hair and cloth (since benzoyl peroxide would bleach them). Plus this sticker protect the pimple from my hand (which is probably full of bacteria, dust and oil).

How I use it:

1. I wash my face until it squeaky clean.
2. Then I'll continue moisturize my face.
3. After the moisturizer, sometimes I'll use some topical acne cream like benzoyl peroxide 5% or erytromycin 2%
4. Then I'll blot some excess oil with film paper.
5. Start to stick it, covering the pimple.
6. let it sit for at least 6 hours before remove.
So here some patches that I've been trying:

1. Nexcare Acne Cover (28 000 IDR)

This one could easily found in mini market (contain less patches and cheaper than price listed above) and drug store in Indonesia. Unlike the other brand it just a plain hydro colloid dressing. It contain 12 8mm patches and 6 12 mm patches.

I like it because....
it's easy to find and works quite well in  absorb the oil. there's some kind of  statisfaction looking at the clear patches turn white after absorb the oil.

I don't like it because....
the dimension, it thick and doesn't stick very well. If I wear it during the day, it's super noticeable since it's thick. But when I wear it during the sleep (night time), it will dislocated and fall every where since it doesn't stick well.


2. Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink powder Spot Patch (48 000 IDR)

It came from The AC Clinic line. I read many good reviews on this line and last time my sister mention how this one help her popped pimple scar heals faster. It has many natural ingredient like winter green berry, Japanese cypress, tea tree, papaya, garlic, thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus, perilla seed and many more. It contain 3 size, 6 6mm patches, 8 10 mm patches and 2 12 mm patches.

I like it because....
it's stick really well and thin. I wasn't really noticeable. More over those natural ingredient does help the pimple heals faster.

I don't like it because....
it stick a little too well, when I removed I could see some hair pulled together. Which is actually bad since it might pull your skin layer and make it more irritate. Plus after a while the patch kind of melt and the edge curled.


3. The Face Shop Spot Clear Intensive Patch (36 000 IDR)

Unlike the one from etude house it has less ingredient. But it has key ingredient to fight bacteria like salicylic acid and tea tree oil. It contain 12 patches 6 10 mm and 6 12 mm.

I like it because....
It stick okay and after hours it' doesn't change much physically. All the size just fit my pimple fine, the bigger one I'll cut the in two. And the most important it works effectively heal the pimple.

I don't like it because....
sometimes the bigger size just to big.


 4. Missha Blemish Clear patch Somaderm Spot S

It has 24 patches, 9 12 mm, 5 10 mm, and 10 7mm. It much more thicker than Etude House and The Face shop, but more thinner than nexcare. I couldn't find info about the ingredient and I couldn't read Hangul. They are pretty much like the one from nexcare, only thinner and stay in place better.

I like it because....
It not too thick like Nexcare, it stay well on targeted area and works really well absorb the liquid from popped pimple.

  • If the patch are too sticky, and you force to remove it, you'll end up irritate your skin. You could wet the patch until it gets less sticky, then removed it.
  • Sometimes the patch size is ridiculously big, just take a clean scissor and cut the into small pieces.
  • I would use thicker patch (Missha and Nexcare) which are less sticky on a popped pimple. It would help to absorb the liquid and protect the area from bacteria, dust ect.

SUMMER NAILS: ORANGE CARAMEL(오렌지캬라멜) _ Abing abing(아빙아빙) MV


SUMMER NAILS COLOR TREND, inspired by the latest Music Video of ORANGE CARAMEL's (오렌지캬라멜) Abing abing(아빙아빙) . I always love orange caramel eccentric style (remember the girls dress as sushi, with the cameo in the video dress as seafood in the Catallena MV), this time their song tell about overcoming the summer heat with Cool Ice Cream. For this summer try few shade of blue, like teal (look great with tan skin), bright blue (Look cool yet bright), Neons (like duh). Say YES for Bright and Colorful nails for summer!Read More to see more detail picture and Nail Polish suggestion

Green Smoothie


Sometimes you need a kick to start your day. Here I'm gonna share you my favorite green smoothie recipe. Easy,simple, and fast, and more important taste super yummy! Skip all the counter juice with no green taste, lots of sugar, preservative, additive, and all chemical that slowly ruined your body with this simple green smoothie. 

Karimun Jawa

Floating Villa and crystal clear Sea
Photo by Baby Bro
Too tired with all stressful routine, the busy polluted city, with all the noisy and crazy traffic. I took a break and went to KARIMUN JAWA listen to the sea breeze, looking at calming blue sea, relaxing on the sand beach and eat seafood all the time....

Bad Experience Shopping in

The Online Shopping in Indonesia grow rapidly this past few year, it used to be sell stuff in social media and forum to a all-there mall shopping website. But unlucky, the system is too tricky and might be a big disadvantage for buyer.

Who doesn't love online shopping? 
Well some of you must hate it, because you couldn't try on the stuff, the fraud, the waiting etc.
I don't hate online shopping! Though  I would prefer bought thing from the shop or counter. But sometimes the price is lower, they got the foundation shade that more like a match to your skin tone, all the silly stuff that you couldn't get in your place. That's why the depression told me just to get stuff online. This past years the online shopping become more popular in Indonesia. It started from sell stuff in social media (fb, twitter, etc) to a shopping mall site (like japanese rakuten or korea g-market).

I never been shopping in those kind of site (g-market, rakuten, ebay, amazon etc). So I tried once, last month, and I've been experience a bad service I ever get from all online shopping adventure I've ever done.

Last 12th May, I hooked by the promotion put on the home page of It is super cheap and said that the stocks is ready to ship from Jakarta (which would take like 3 day to arrived). It was so close to the closing time for the promotion, so I didn't do much research, I just pick the shade I wanted, place the order and paid via bank transfer.

I waited until they confirm my payment, soon they confirm my payment and by the may 14th, I received a notice telling that my package on the way...

Well I still waiting till this day and still the package haven't arrived.

I just instantly trust this shop since they put the advertisement of promotion at the homepage of

I'm truly disappointed with and the seller (REOMING). I wouldn't take the reason that they need to ship the item from Korea. They said that the item is ready stock in Jakarta. How can they lied about the item availability. More over, they change the status of my order to being sent, and place some untraceable number for the tracking code. So each time I click the link it says that I entered a wrong number or it shown the status of item but not being sent to other place. Since the item status being sent I couldn't cancel my order.

I try to think positive that my stuff will arrived, but I don't think so. I visit their Facebook page and I found a lot of complain from buyer who haven't received their item for 1 month, 2 month, even after 4 month. I try to send message via Facebook twice but I haven't receive any respond.  

Until finally last night I try to connect them via the This morning the replied me with the tracking code, and I could finally received my package this afternoon.

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