July Favorite: Timeless pieces

I don't feel wearing makeup since I'm still in mourning period, so I guess that I'll do a fashion item favorite this month. Believe it or not, far before makeup I'm so much into fashion. I'll always try on and experimenting in latest trend. But over the time I realize that I waste a lot of money in some trendy pieces that I use once. But makeup unlike fashion, one eye shadow palette create thousand looks and nobody would care if you use the same foundation everyday. Now, everytime I go shopping for a fashion pieces I would ask my self "Could I wear this 100 times and be okay being seen in this pieces? So here is it some super basic fashion pieces that I use over and over this month.

1. Les Catino Missouri Ice Crossbody (Zalora)

2. Charles and Keith Transparent Heeled Sandals

3. H&M Black Shorts

4. Giordano Solid V Neck Tee

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