MULTIPURPOSE ITEM : Eye Shadow as Eyeliner, Contouring and Highlighting


When I bought a product I like to bring the most of it. Like this eyeshadow palette from Revlon. Actually this just an eyeshadow palette, but I use it also as eye liner, to fill the brow, contouring/shading, and highlighting. This eyeshadow has a smooth texture that easily bendable, won't crease or smudge. I got one a year ago when it was on sale for 52.000 IDR (5 USD) (Just wait for sale too buy any drugstore product, esp. the permanent line).

This palette called attitude, it has...

it has four color : pale pink, taupe, brown, and deep brown. Three colors come with matte finish (1,3,4) and one with satin finish (2). I would really recommend this palette to any one who just start trying to use eyeshadow. Since this palette come in neutral colors, you won't ever go wrong (at least I don't) you could easily create a nice everyday look or even an sexy smokey eye like this.

From the swatch you can see that all color quite pigmented, but when I apply on eyelid only the brown (3,4) colors really look pigmented. The eyeshadow is really has smooth texture that could be easily blend, but not to powdery smooth (well I don't know how to explain this one, there are some eyeshadow that is too soft, you could easily end up pick too much product). I always use brush too pick up the product, because every time I use finger, I got more product stays on my hand than the area targeted. 

1. Eye Shadow

As it is an eyeshadow, it comes with the instruction on the back, complete with the illustration, according the instruction. Use the pale pink color over the lid and around the brow bone to highlight it, then use the taupe color on the lid until just below the crease, the too add depth use the brown shadow in the outer corner, and use the deep brown shadow in the crease to frame the eyes. But this just doesn't work for my Asian eye shape. I'll use the pale pink to set my primer, then I'll use the taupe color all over the lid just bellow the fold, blend the hard edges. Then I'll use the brown color creating the V shape 2/3 part of the outer corner and deep brown 1/3 or the outer corner making V shape connecting to lower part. Blend everything to make a nice gradation look.

2. Eyeliner

Sometimes when I like to rock a natural look or when I just want to make my eyelash look fuller instantly, I'll use the deep brown color to fill the spare area between the eyelashes. The brown look more natural and give a softer look rather than black. Then I' ll make a thin line close to the eyelashes and wing it up for 2 mm for natural look. The reason I wing it up a bit because I found that the outer corner of my eyes slight downward, if I draw it down ward it makes them look more down draggy. then with left over product left on the brush I I use to fill my lower lash line. Instantly I could give a definition to my eyes.

3. Fill in the Brows

Since this product is smooth and stay really well, I also use it to fill my eyebrow. I mix the brown and deep brown color to fill my eyebrow, the using mascara wand I brush the brow to blend the harsh line and make it look more natural. The to highlight the brow bone I use the shimmery taupe color (2).

4. Contouring/Shading

Depends on my skin condition, when I'm much lighter or wanted a natural contouring, I'll use the brown color mix with pale pink, or just the brown color. When I wanted more definition, let says when I'm going taking picture I'll use the deep brown mix with the pale pink (1). I use powder brush for the larger area, like cheek bone, temple and jawline). I like to use powder brush just because it give more natural and less harsh line and I can easily blend with powder brush. (well I'm not an expert, this is just how I like to do it), for the smaller part like side of nose, or the crease I use blending brush. I pick up the product with the brush, tap a bit to remove excess product and start applying to targeted area.

5. Highlight

The taupe color (2) actually has a subtle shimmer, I won't show much on the camera, but enough for a daily look glow. I use powder brush too pick up the product by lightly tapping the taupe color, while rotate the brush. I use the side of the brush too pick up the product. Then I apply in the triangle area around the under eye. When highlighting basically you'll apply the product to the area where you want to bring out. for the smaller part like the nose bridge, brow bone and upper lip, I use blending brush or just clean finger. The pale pink is also could be use as highlight. But since it has matte finish it won't reflect light and just doesn't give glowing skin finish. If you are prefer a not glowing finish then go with the pale pink instead.

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