Take a look at the 'Futuristic Twist' of Middle east Princesses Look.

For Resort 2015 Chanel choose to do the show in Dubai this time. Karl did an amazing job for the realization of Modern ‘one hundred and one nights’. It is does look like a modern setting of Aladdin. The sleeveless tunic, the harem pants (zoom for the gorgeous detail in the ankle), all the metallic touches, the big hair accessorize with the head piece (Just imagine princess Jasmine of Aladdin or Jennie from ‘I dream of genie’), and futuristic eye makeup. 

The Middle Eastern women makeup look point is gorgeous eye makeup; they have this mysterious, deep and sensual eye. Too achieve this look they line their eyes entirely making the v shape in the tear duct area, extend the eyeliner wing until the end of the brow. The supper dramatic eye shadow (it will be super long if I start to explain it) and neatly shape full eyebrow frame the eyes with the high arch. This makeup looks really popular in Middle East and Western Asia. (Take a look the look in this video)

The beauty director of Chanel did a good job to interpret the essence of mysterious and dramatic eye makeup with the futuristic twist. Compare the usual style, which is heavy and too dramatic, the one from Chanel much more wearable, but still have the drama and mysterious feel . The eye makeup was a black Smokey eye, with double winged extend straightly in outer corner. In between the winged filled with golden shadow and gold leaf in inner corner. Last touch the long black lashes on the top and bottom. No dramatically shape the eyebrow but only brush to make the eyebrow look neat. 

The eye make-up using this supper gorgeous palette Les 4 ombré in Rêve d’Orient (literary translate as the Dream of Eastern(don't judge my french)), which would be marketed in July 2014.

I’ve been dying to try this kind of dramatic, sensual, and mysterious eye makeup of Arabic (Middle Eastern) women so badly. But I just have those typical Asian eye shapes, which is not such a perfect canvas to try this kind of eye makeup. But I could try this one by imitating the Fei Fei Sun looks.


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