SUMMER BEAUTY: Voluminous Beach Wave


I just learn this amazing technique to create a voluminous beach wave hair while taking care your hair from the sun and sea water damage. It's easy you won't need expensive styling product and basically all you do is to protect your hair from salt water, chlorine and sun but with bonus gorgeous hair.

What you'll need:
  • Hair band
  • Hair Oil / conditioner
  • Sun protection product for hair
  1. When I'm about to swimming I won't wash my hair, so natural oil would help to protect each strand of your hair. If you happen have a dry hair you might need some hair oil help.
  2. Before jump and dive into the ocean, I would use some hair oil, then braid your hair tightly and spray some sunscreen to protect your hair. 
  3. Have fun exploring the deep blue sea.
  4. Let your hair dry and then release the braid to unveil the sexy-voluminous-beach wave hair.
Unlike the one that process with tools, this way create much more natural looking wave. Plus this way you'll protect your hair from salt water and sun damage.

Have fun!

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