DIY GLITTERY CIRCLE SKIRT ( Inspired by Jason Wu's Gown S/S '13)


Fashion trends have changed each season,  the shape, the color, the cutting,the pattern and so does the Materials. Each season there always new different trend in material. Lighter fabric for hotter season and heavy and warm one for colder season.
Circle skirt would always be my favorite sewing project. It's easy to make and never out of date. You can try to work with different materials and create various style. This time I use glittery tulle inspired by Jason Wu's Gown (Spring Summer 2013 Collection). In this gown we can see the small stars detail.


Measurement Needed:
-Skirt Length

- 1,5 m Glitter Tulle
- 1,5 m Tulle
- 1,5 m Lining fabric
- Zipper
- Bias Binding

1. Prepare your measurement. Start to draw your pattern, By making a shape of quarter circle.(view the diagram to help for more detail). When finish cut the pattern following the line you drew.

2. Prepare your fabric, fold it in half twice. like shown in the picture.

3. Place your pattern template on the fabric and pin so it won't move and cut the fabric while giving 2 cm extra for seams. For the lining you need to make the skirt length 1,5 cm shorter than your original pattern.

4. Once all the fabric ready, start layering them, start by tulle then glitter tulle on top. Hand baste the waistline. It'll help you so the layer won't move while you insert the zipper.

5. Insert the zipper and the lining the last touch hem the waistline with the bias tape.

More Circle skirt How to 1. Q2HAN  2. a pair & a spare

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