QUICK DIY | velvet nail


Who doesn't love affordable and easy substitute. Instead of flocking powder or velvet ribbon, I use embroidery floss. Why? I really could not find the flocking powder, and I happen had tons of embroidery floss at home.

-art brush
-embroidery floss
-nail polish

-Prepare the dust. warp the floss around your fingers several time, the more you warp the more dust you'll make in one trim.
-Hold the floss firmly between thumb and index finger. Let about 5 mm part of the yarn shown, and try to trim as fine as possible.
- Once you finish with your dust. You can start prepare to paint your nail. put in your base coat and first thin layer of nail polish and let it dry.
- The fun part: paint another coat of nail polish not too thin but not too thick, Let it sit for 10 second, then cover it with the floss dust. Press lightly so the dust will stay, you can also take your art brush and slowly tap the dust. Let it dry completely, and use your brush to sweep the excess dust from your nail.
-Repeat the same step on other nail, No top coat needed for this mani, And you pretty much Done!

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