DETAIL & INSPIRATION: LEE HI (이하이) - IT'S OVER | Adorable Head Piece


Have you seen new Music Video of Lee hi's It's over? I'm not good at music or singing, so I won't give any comment about her music or singing. But I do love her voice.
The thing that catch my eyes from her latest video are tons of cute head piece from the hat with bears (mouse) ears, My little pony bando and jeweled bando. And also the outfit the are all cute simple mini dresses, Feminine, young and playful.

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The Bear (mouse) ears hat! I didn't know before the ear were made of the hat part, and there is a hole in the hats! she had her hair outer part lighter color

Blue Overall with bears headpiece
with the huge Bear Ballon.

Diamond pattern dress
My favorite outfit! bear overall skirt.

Cat eyes Shade with star mini dress
Red Stars Pajama

Love the printed statement necklace shirt and jeweled headband detail.

The bear headband detail, there are various size buttons, Pom-pom and bears

Colorful beads necklace and Mouth earring, a little bit blur she is wearing union jack heals

The head accessories: Big Blue Bow, Scarf, Matching with the dress, Hat with ears,  Matching again, Bears head piece, Jeweled Headpiece and My Little Pony!

Pink sweater and long tulle skirt with lace sock

Yellow sleeveless mini dress with my little pony headband

Black Long sleeve mini dress with printed hearts detail, for hair there loose braid on left lower part and on her flower hair bun detail on right top

The bears represent big bang Member, But this G-dragon bear made me laugh, since it's dance to One of a kind so good!
head scarf and braid

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PotterGirl said...

Ooh I'm loving everything about the music video too! especially the hair accessories~ I wonder if I can get my hands on them...nyum2~~~

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