Consious Fashion Choice

@Buro247Singapore : Fashion has never been more popular, more democratised or as widely consumed as it is today but when was the last time you asked yourself about the origins of the clothes that you wear? Would you question things more if you knew that fashion was the second highest polluter in the world, right behind oil? That one in six people who work in the global fashion and textile industy — the majority women who earn less than $3 a day? Or that more than half of all clothes produced end up in a landfill, of which most are made of synthetic, petroleum-based fibers that will take decades to decompose? Clothing production is up more than 400% from just two decades ago and 8 billion pieces of clothing are purchased globally a year, this is neither sustainable nor ecologically sound based on the planet's finite resources and how the majority of garments are currently made. Would you make different choices if you knew all the facts? We think and hope you will. # regram 1 minute episode from @truecostmovie by @andrew_morgan
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One afternoon, When I was in first year in university (the end of 2010), Few of my friends and I went to alun alun Lor, for awul-awul. A friend of mine told me that we will go thrifting. I imagine it would be small booth of 1x1 meters square, with lovely used dress from 80's. When I arrived, I was surprised by the view. There's a sea of used clothes as far as I could see. The smallest booth would be in size of 4x3 meter square and fully stuffed with clothes, hanging on the rack or ceiling tightly. At least there is 20 or even more booths. The bigger booth would go up to the size of 8x6 meter square. Only 10% of clothes, that is actually wearable and the rest is I really in bad condition, that is impossible to be reuse in anyway. To make it worse I could tell that the clothes not coming from 80's or 90's but it came from early 2000.

When I was a teenager, I would love to experiment with crazy trends. The rapid growth of fast fashion supported my interest, by providing trendy items in affordable price. At least I would buy a new fashion pieces every month, and that would multiply by 10 when it is holiday season and off season sale. But After I had seen lots of piles of clothes in awul-awul, I realize, that my clothes would be polluter in the end. As the fashion trends quickly in such short period, there will be one style that leaving the 'Trendy' list. This one item that might never make any appearance, and soon forgotten and lost it's value. Since it durability is not one of consideration in fast fashion production, we notice that after only few uses and washes, the clothes started to break down. Since fashion is more afforable this day, we won't bother try to stitch broken holes. We will throw it away, while justify that it is no longer in trend and it's not in good condition, and that's how probably our clothes end up in awul-awul.

Fast forward to 2016, as I going through my Instagram feeds, I was drawn into caption that miroslava duma write about today's fashion.

" Fashion has never been more popular, more democratised or as widely consumed as it is today but when was the last time you asked yourself about the origins of the clothes that you wear? Would you question things more if you knew that fashion was the second highest polluter in the world, right behind oil? That one in six people who work in the global fashion and textile industy — the majority women who earn less than $3 a day? Or that more than half of all clothes produced end up in a landfill, of which most are made of synthetic, petroleum-based fibers that will take decades to decompose? Clothing production is up more than 400% from just two decades ago and 8 billion pieces of clothing are purchased globally a year, this is neither sustainable nor ecologically sound based on the planet's finite resources and how the majority of garments are currently made. Would you make different choices if you knew all the facts? We think and hope you will."

Miroslava Duma @Miraduma

Such a shocking revelation, how fashion actually contribute to pollution and source of social problems. So let's be more conscious every time you shop. When you buy something, make sure that it fit you perfectly. Take time to asked your self, "would you wear it for 100 times?". Because your choice would make a significant changes in the world.

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July Favorite: Timeless pieces

I don't feel wearing makeup since I'm still in mourning period, so I guess that I'll do a fashion item favorite this month. Believe it or not, far before makeup I'm so much into fashion. I'll always try on and experimenting in latest trend. But over the time I realize that I waste a lot of money in some trendy pieces that I use once. But makeup unlike fashion, one eye shadow palette create thousand looks and nobody would care if you use the same foundation everyday. Now, everytime I go shopping for a fashion pieces I would ask my self "Could I wear this 100 times and be okay being seen in this pieces? So here is it some super basic fashion pieces that I use over and over this month.

1. Les Catino Missouri Ice Crossbody (Zalora)

2. Charles and Keith Transparent Heeled Sandals

3. H&M Black Shorts

4. Giordano Solid V Neck Tee

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Do it Better: Keep your Colourpop Eyeshadow Wet

I am obsess with Colourpop eye shadows, aside the wide range of colors and affordable price 5 USD (Or around 90k IDR in some OS), we are addicted to bouncy feel, Smooth texture and how pigmented these shadows are. In the application tips section (on the bottom of the page), they told not to forget closed the lid tightly to make sure not to lose the magic  that make the shadow feels amazing. 

If you have bunch of Colourpop eye shadows, you won't have much time to twist the lid tightly to make sure none of magic (or the secret ingredient, that make the eye shadows amazing, dry up). Store them in air tight container, You could easily find one and they are totally affordable.

The air tight container that I use is Biokips, you could buy it at Ace Hardware. They often held  up to 50% sale, so each container would cost around 17k IDR to 50k IDR (2 USD to 5 USD) according to the volume.

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A month without a phone..

So this is what I experience and learn living without my cellphone for a month.

1. It's possible to live without cellphone, but not internet
When my phone died, I slightly panicked and  worried. I thinking what if someone tries to contact me about jobs.. But then I remember, I'm not even in the area , so I won't be able to take the job anyway. Some works is obviously delayed, I still manage to overcome the crisis and solve everything. So don't panic, just take a deep breath and relax, then you shall find the solution. (p.s. this tips of take deep breath and relax, could not be  applied in solving math problem :p)

2. My cellphone is more that just a cellphone
It is also my watch, my calculator, my entertainment, my inspiration source, my diary, my personal assistant, my music player, my camera...

3. I read.. real book..
Since most of the time I entertain myself by reading random news in snapchat discovery or going through thousand of bloglovin's feed, I hardly ever had time to read books, like actual book with paper. Since I've been missing my biggest entertainment source, I back to the time when cellphone is not as multi function as it is now, reading a book.

4. Good thing that my laptop is still working
Yay! I still have my laptop. Although you could not bring it to bed, because of the heat, the noise it's made. thank god I bring my laptop.

5. You'll know who truly care for you and reach out for you
When you are unreachable, you could easily know who truly care. when you've been out of the radar they will try to find your where about and ask you what happen. Relax my cellphone just broke, and I won't risk to get it repair in shady place.

6. or he/she/ whatever pronoun prefer by the person is just a creepy stalker
Yes creepy stalker always know your where about even though you try to slow down any social media post...

7. Don't use fake charger
The biggest bet is my phone battery life is reach the maximum, so it died. Orrrrrr I use fake cable charger from china. A long time ago while charging, my phone give me notice not to use fake accesories to charge or you may damage your phone. I ignore and continue charge my phone with it andddd.. here I'm in 21st century, 2016 doesn't have cellphone, and I'm just 23.

8. I shop less...
Since I couldnot sign in to any messenger service, my communication just limit to emails. I could not contact the shops to shop. So I don't buy... Sorry economy, I could not help you this time.

So how long you've ever been without cellphone? what's your experience?

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Runway Beauty : Marchesa F/W 2016

This makeup look from Marchesa Fall/Winter 2016 show could be easily recreate for your next day date. It has the touch of romantic and lively look. Clean fresh velvety skin pair with rosy cheek and pink lips. Then use clear brow mascara to Finish with couple coat of mascara. Psssstt stamp the mascara on the roots, this will naturally line your eyes.

cheek / eyes / lips

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What a June I had!

Remember how I promised to constantly write something, well so much going on this month. Earlier this month I help my friends. I teach English! surprise! well I'm not the best choice, but I tried. That keep me busy for 2 weeks, and then I had Dengue Fever. although I only hospitalize for 3 days, then I decided to go home. because I don't trust my self to nurse me back to health, and my grandma Tjong passed away. Then my phone broke, and I couldn't repair it until I get back to jogja like in early august..

June is a month of taking chances. First.. I try to teach! Next, I had my hair cut short! My head feels so light and I look hella cuter (self proclaimed). I always hesitate to cut my hair short again. Once when I was a teenager, the hairdresser in my home town are not talented enough and he gave me mullet instead of a chic pixi cut, and weirdest, awkward bowl cut instead of bob. I look ugly, I don't care. But that experience made me detest the idea of having someone to cut my hair. If anyone have to mess with my hair it better be me.

Second brave step that I took in june is buying a lenses for my camera! I thought that it would be a waste of money. That I would never understand how to use it and hate it. But turns out I love it so much for product photo shoot, and it help to take the prettiest portrait I've ever done. I'm looking forward to get a pancake lenses someday. So there's a little blurry picture from my new 50mm lenses..

and Eid Mubarak people!

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June Favorite: Favorite combo


Some products work better when combine. So this June I have more products in my list.

Unplesant online shopping experience:


I've been shopping online for most of the time. Because even with the shipping fee, it cost less than the counters (even with occasional 20% discount). I might say that I'm the master of online shopping, I've been shopping from facebook, Instagram, from forums, big online store (e.g socciola, etc). I never been scammed, because when you shop a lot you'll grow some kind of ability to spot scammer and those who are legit.

I ordered Maybelline the blush Nudes, from Lazada, 5th June 2016. Since, it was Sunday my order was confirmed the next day, which is 6th June 2016. later I got a notification said that my item had been shipped. So I expected it to be arrived on 8th June 2016 (Because it takes 2-3 days for package from Jakarta to Jogja to be delivered). But in the website it had a little notice saying that the item would probably deliver around 9th-13th June 2016. So, It was 9th June, I had to work, so I told my baby bro to wait for the package. But it hasn't come yet... "Well maybe tomorrow!". So it still hasn't come yet the next day.

Since it is been the 4th day after it was being shipped, I started to get worry. I not only notify my baby bro to wait for the package, but also my neighbor. I check their website try to find where was my package. But.... when I open the website the only thing that I found is..... the same status from 4 days ago "Pesanan akan dikirim melalui Kurir internal Lazada 1 hari kerja setelah sms notifikasi pengiriman diterima.", "Your order will be shipped by Lazada's Internal Courier Service 1 day after the shipping notification SMS has been received". So I click every link in the website try to decode what does this mean.. So Is it on the way? is it in jogja yet? is it already out for delivery or what... So the only thing that I found is "my item being shipped by LEX", which is the Lazada's Internal Courier Service. Unlike other shipping service, which you could track where your item is. This just helpless.... They just gave me the same status "Pesanan akan dikirim melalui Kurir internal Lazada 1 hari kerja setelah sms notifikasi pengiriman diterima". Sooo frustrating.

Finally at 11th June 2016, on the way home from work, I got an sms notification that said "We are delivering your order xxxxxxxxx today by LEX". So I rush home with fast food on my had, because I'm afraid that I will miss the delivery guy. So I wait and wait.. Everytime I heard a motor cycle was coming I will run to the front door.. I kept doing it until I was too tired and decided to take a nap. So the delivery guy just hasn't came yet. So I think that I had enough, so I try to call the costumer service. Guess what..they don't have any, I tried to check the very bottom part where the usually have contact link. it's not there. I only found a live chat with no operator since it past 4 P.M... I just so helpless and clueless about my package where about..

So I decided that it is too late at night, and they would probably not send my package today. Since it's Saturday night and there a lot of boarding house around my house, there always be a motorcycle passing and slowing down. I decide to stop torturing myself, because I was so tired and need to relax. So I took a bath, put on my mask and rant on snapchat. Then, in the middle of retaking rant snap, someone called me. I knew it right away this must be my delivery guy. Anddd yes it is! I told him the direction to my house and 10 minutes later I have my package.. So I received the package around 8 PM with the mask on and shocked delivery guy.
Moral from the story... Choose a shopping mall with a legit costumer service you could call. So you wouldn't have to waste all energy to worry your package whereabouts..

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#BeautyReview : Kiehl's Clantro & Orange Extract Pollutant DefendingMask


Last year, Kiehl's launched 2 new masks: Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Mask and Tumeric and Cranberry seed Energizing Radiance mask. At first I wanted to try the Turmeric mask, because turmeric is one of in trend beauty ingredient that helps to clear acne, plus I'm pretty sure that this mask won't stain your skin like raw turmeric does. Plus it is a kaolin based mask, so I guess it would suit my skin type better. 

But then when I went to the counter to get it. I also tried the cilantro & orange extract mask, and I love how it felt when applied, and when I wash it off it reveal a smooth and plump skin. While deciding, I turn around the packaing and read a wonderful notice " SUNBURN ALERT: This product contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) That may increase your skin sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility sunburn. Use sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for weeks after that.". Well I just read the rest when I type this. I actually stopped when it says that the mask contain AHA. I been suggested by my dear friend to tried AHA to deal with bumps and uneven texture around my mouth, nose, forehead, and under the eyes. 

This mask is a lot smaller that regular Kiehl's mask, it is 75 ml (2.5 fl. oz), and more expensive, the mask cost 480 000 IDR. It is packaged in glass container with plastic cap. When I open, the smell quite interesting, it has sweet minty floral smell, I imagine that it would smell like salsa since it is cilantro. I could hardly smell any cilantro. If you couldn't understand my explanation, this mask smell like tiger balm... Seriously...

So the sales person told me that I 'could ' use this as sleeping mask. So when I first tried it I use it like any wash off mask, I left it for 15 minutes and rinse it.. Aside for the smell and the sweet taste. I don't find that this mask do anything to me. So I wen't online and go to Kiehl's website. Sooo you use the mask as a leave on sleep mask. That's not an option. So at the second tried, I use the mask as instructed by the website. I use my toner, serum and face oil. Then, I brush the mask not to thin but not to thick, I leave it for 15 minutes and wipe the excess with tissue (I highly recommend high grade facial tissue for this step, don't use random facial tissue). your want to leave a thin layer, so it's okay if you still feel that there are some products left on your face.I watched some snaps and sleep until the sun shine.
When I wake up in the morning , I noticed that my skin feel super soft and moist and the rough bumpy area feels smoother. I've tried to use it for 3 weeks and I see a visible difference, especially my forehead become smoother, I've tried many product, but they do not do anything to my forehead. As for other parts I notice that this mask also help the Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask to maintain clean pore. So pores around my nose are much smaller now.

Interested to try it? you could buy it here. Yasss Kiehl's Indonesia has opened an online shop, and yes it's free shipping without minimum purchase, and yes they had 10% off for minimum purchased 500k IDR every wednesday (laidies only).

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Hi June! OMG It's June Already!!!


It's June already! that's mean we are half way through the 2016. What have you done so far?

Me, well, I made more that 27 blog posts. I told my self that this year I'll try to post something every month, rather than post a lot of stuff for a month and gone for the rest of the year. I try to be more consistent in filling this blog with useful, informative and interesting content.

I also quit share my personal life and random rant about life everyday. That's mean I deleted facebook, path, twitter apps from all my gadget. I know I love writing, I love telling story. but sometimes hundreds words are not enough, and people would never be able to look from my personal point of view. It's nice when what you post getting direct feedback, like comment, like, stickers etc. But sometimes, people just assume what's going on with your life and create their own version of my life. So I decide to focus on social media where I could improved my skill and match my interest. Right now I very active in my Snapchat (altercouture) and Instagram(altercouture), I just talk about makeup all the time, so keep that in mind before following me.

I tried to teach! like teaching a serious stuff like English. My mom always tell me to try to teach. deep down inside I know I could teach..And I also know that I'm not good in make people to understand. If by teaching mean i could stand in class for 4 hours and keep the class turn into a riot, than I would say that I can teach. Teaching is easy if you know the subject really well and English is not my forte... Well now that I tried I know. I'll definitely will teach someday, but I'll teach makeup for this time.

And last, I try to make journal entry everyday, but I kindda lost in interesting stuff going on in my life, I was to tired and forget to write at all. Sometimes, I don't have anything else to write aside how I love makeup so so much. Like I don't even think about anything else aside from makeup.

So for the next half of 2016 I will...

Improved my makeup skill, I'll try to do makeup on many different faces, trying different techniques and trends. I wish in the end of 2016 I would be more confidence with my identity as a makeup and beauty addict. Although, people might squint their eyes I won't back up this is what I passionately love and enjoy doing. I'll tell myself to just shake of all the people who doubt you and keep work harder!

I should stop hoarding makeup and let some of them go.. Like I'll use some product twice and sit in my drawer until it smell funky and belong to wasteland. My cousins were shock by the amount and variety of product that I own. Even "I'm a makeup artist" excuse could not justify my large collection despite of the super tight budget. My cousin, propose an idea of  "preloved sale'. This is a garage sale for your makeup item, so you'll sell your used makeup item for cheaper price. There a lot of preloved makeup group in facebook. Interestingly there is a lot of people who doesn't mind with buying used  beauty item. So this such a win, I won't waste any product, and I have a little money to purchase other new item that I'd like to try.

I plan to upgrade my photo gear. I've always wanted to buy new lenses for my camera but I just so confused with which one to chose, I'm terrified with the idea 'I got the wrong lenses,and now it's useless and I just waste tons of money, I should just splurge it in limited holiday collection makeups". Since I'm sort of ambitious I also wanted a Ring Light.. #flyingmoneyemoji

Continue to be more consistent with this blog and try to write the Indonesian version more often.

And in 10 years, hopefully I could be inspiration for all your girl to fight for their dreams! 

So what have you done so far this year? What your plan next? 

Ramadan Kareem for Muslim reader. Selamat Berpuasa!

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May Favorite! My Pore Saver and Crazy Glue for Eyelash


How was your May? I've tried a lot of new things, so here is some favorite from my latest discovery and recurrent favorite items.

1. Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Mask
This mask clear your pore right away, yet keep it smooth and moist. There's slight burning sensation when first applied, but soon it will go away. leave it for 10 minutes, wipe off with warm towel.. BAM your pores never been this clean before. Read the review here.

2. Laura Mercier Transclucent Setting Powder
You need to try to understand, this setting powder is a secret to flawless based makeup. I swear.(bonus point: It doesn't clog your pore +10)

3. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Liner in Black
Cheap, easy to use and long lasting I won't complain.

4. DUP Eyelash Fixer ex
Only the best eyelash glue I've ever tried. It dries faster compare to other glue, so you could stick your eyelash ASAP.

5. Maybelline Bold Matte in MAT7
I forgot how affordable, matte yet comfy this lipstick is. I use it a lot lately.

6. The Face Shop Lovely me:ex you & eyes 21 Creamy Peach
I forgot how I love to set my eye base with this eyeshadow, until I clean my drawer and I found it. I love how this subtly make my eyes brighter .

So what is item and you over use in May? tell me in the comment bellow.

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p.s. I'm having a blog sale, pile of item that I tried only once and sit in my drawer forever. In case you are interested in getting expensive beauty item in cheaper price, please come here.


Review & Demo: Etude House Double Lasting Foundation


Once I saw this online, I tell myself that I should try this! Since it's double lasting I expected this foundation to last all day.

#BeautyTester : A Mask that keep you Matte All Day


To be honest, I never been so obsess with oil control before I started wearing makeup. I was never ever, like any other girl in my class, wash her face during the subject change or powder to keep the face matte. I just don't care at all. But since I started wearing makeup, I hate oil. they always makes my foundation do not stay where it should be.
I watched Sari Reanna's video of Best Product for Oil Control. She mention Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. She said that this mask help her to stay matte all day long whenever she use it before applying makeup. Again I'm sold. Once the khiel's message me about the discount event. I hit the store and grab one for me.

Its super huge!

#Inspiration: Glitter Line Cut Crease

I first saw Desi Perkin did this look. The glitter liner cut the crease, give your clean classic cut crease a edgy glam twist. So here's some inspiration.

#BeautyTester: Better Than MAC fix+ and MUFE Mist & Fix , and CHEAPER!


So I know this Setting Spray when I watch Get it Beauty This Brand even beat the Holy Grail Makeup Fixer like MAC Fix+ and Makeup Forever Mist & Fix in Blind Test. Plus it is supper affordable. So I give it a try.

The very first and only one makeup setting spray that I tried is urban decay all nighter. I just don't think it did something. It doesn't get rid the cakeyness, it doesn't make it last longer, nada.. So after that, I just not really into makeup setting spray at all.

But then, I watch this episode, and I'm quite surprise. The first winner is So natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer. Like how good it is. So I give it a try. FYI, before I finalize my review I tried this couple times with different foundation. I love it so much. I finally found a setting spray that help my foundation to stay on my face more longer It give dewy finish without make your skin look super wet or glossy. It came in spray tin can and the spray distribute the product into a very fine mist. It does have a powdery floral smell, but doesn't linger. But , do not expect that your makeup would be sweatproof and waterproof. I find that this setting spray help to lock your makeup in place. When you rub your makeup, it will move and transfer. But it doesn't make it smudge. If you have oily skin, using mattifiying primer is a must to see the result.
As you can see here:
with flash
Without Flash

In the left side without and in the right side with the setting spray. The side with So natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer look smoother. The setting spray makes the makeup look smoother and less heavy/ cakey. As you take a closer look, especially for foundation, with the setting spray it help to minimize the appearance of fine lines. As the smudge test the one with setting spray doesn't smudge when being rub.
with flash
and I also compare it with my all nighter makeup setting spray, It doesn't make the makeup look smoother, and I notice as I spray it it makes the blush clump, and when I rub it it smudge.

So if you trying to find a makeup setting spray affordable and works, try this one.
(So Natural, All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixx *, 15000 KRW)

*Recently they upgrade the formula and change the packaging. I'm not sure that you'll able to purchase the version anymore

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Mini Review and Comparasion: Clarisonic Brush Head

 I've been an avid user of clarisonic mia for this past 2 years.. and I swear although I still have pimple here and there (mostly because of hormones and sleep late). But I have zero problem with acne caused by makeup residue, my skin is super smooth and my ance scar never takes to long to fading. the good thing about Clarisonic is that they offer different type of brush head based on your skin types. So far I tried 3 types of brush. Delicate, Deep Pore and Acne.

Delicate brush head designated for those who have fragile and super sensitive skin. Deep pore use for deep cleanse the pore and Acne is for those with acne skin. Out of three, the acne brush is the softest and the bristle is sparse. next the delicate brush head is also soft but you could felt that it's more dense compare to acne. And as for the deep pore the bristle is even more sturdy, not as dense as delicate, and still feel soft.

I first stared with acne brush head, and then when I'm not broke out much I'll switch to delicate brush head. And Now I'm using deep pore brush head to help minimize the appearance of large pore. I Paired it with Khiel's Ultra Facial Cleanser and I'm using Clay Mask after. I'd like to try the Satin Precision Brush in the future, because I had hard time to reach contoured area like nose and under eyes.

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Current Obsession: The Faceshop's Rice Water Bright Line


 I first tried the Eye and Lips Makeup Remover 3 years ago. I love how smooth it is and smell really nice. Even though I tried many other brand, I always return to this one. At first I thought that it is a skincare line with day cream, night cream etc. But actually Rice Water Bright Line specially to clean your face. So last year I received  Rice Water Bright Facial Foam as a gift with purchase. Since I'm traveling light, so I decided to bring this sample with me. I tried it and like it. It cleans your face without drying your skin. I also tried the Light Cleansing oil and Cleansing milk. It's effectively take off your makeup without make your skin feels dry. I would highly recommend this line for those with sensitive skin and dry skin who needs a gentle cleansing. This line have complete cleansing method, Cleansing oil, cleansing water, milk cleansing, facial foam, cleansing balm, tissue etc. I'm sure you'll find something that suit your cleansing preference.

Rice Water Bright Line (The Face Shop)

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 Current Obsession: The Faceshop's Rice Water Bright Line

#CultFavorite: Marcks Loose Powder


My first memory with this powder was a long time ago... My grandmother use it as her only skincare. She'll use it after she take a bath (in the morning and evening). Unlike other older ladies suffer with pigmentation, wrinkles, pores, sagging etc. Even in though she is 80, people would say that she is just turn 60. She would only have wrinkle in corner of her eyes. All her life she is bless with clear skin. She been use this powder forever. This powder still around and could be easily found everywhere in Indonesia. 

This powder came in standard powder container. I got mine in color cream, since I believe this will suit my skin tone better. This powder come in 2 size, small and big. The powder came in 3 color translucent, putih (translucent), cream, and rose. When I saw the ingredient, it's all simple, talc, corn starch, salicylic acid, and color.
The salicylic acid makes me interested, but the talc shut down the excitement. I hate talc! They seem found their way to sit in my pore, clogged it and make my skin rough. But still I give it a try.
I notice that it is indeed smoother. I could tell that the area around my nose and cheek (this is the area became rough and bumpy as I use powder) are not became rough. It has bad oil control, and you need to touch up every now and then. Does it clears acne? Well.. I've tried it only for 3 days. So I couldn't tell.

Have you ever tried this powder? let me know.
P.s. Raissa mention this in her snapchat a long time ago, she made me intrigued to try this powder.

April Favorite

I spend too much time being comfortable in my parent house... I do not blog as much as I planned. So I don't want to delay the monthly favorite any longer so here is my favorite items for April.
1. Cure Aqua Gel
My sister bought this for my mom last year and she just haven't finished it. So I use it a lot to help her :p. it really clean your pores, it melt off your blackhead. But try not to over do it. Because this is kindda stripping if you over use it.

2. Eglipse Blur Powder Pact
This is my current favorite setting powder, I use it a lot when I did makeup for other people. It hep to create an illusion that you have a smooth face. Read my complete review here.

3. So Natural Makeup Brush Dry Clean Sponge
 So if you are familiar with vera mona color switch, so this is the cheaper korean version. this help me so much, I would have my brush clean instantly and ready to use. 

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamana Palette
It launch like 2 year ago for 2014 Holiday collection. I prefer palette with cardboard pacakong for traveling because I believe that cardboard kindda softer when it got pressure, well I don't know how to explain the phyisical theories. It just more save for traveling. Plus I just love all the color from the palette. the are all so versatile, I could do any kind of look with only one palette and not to mention the size is so perfect for travelling.

First Time : Sociolla Haul!


I know that sociolla has been around for a while, I browse the website quite often. They have various brand but, only sell selected item from each brand, so you won't find everything. So all the time, I want to buy, but they don't sell it. Last week they have up to 50% off discount for tool from selected brand, I check their website and Volare is one of brands that participated in the sale, and they have 40% off discount. I don't think twice, I've been wanting to try their brush forever
So I pick 2 eye brush, because they are the most cheapest one. The step is all the same with other website, you click the "buy" (beli) button, checkout and choose your payment method. This is where I got confused... I choose to pay by Bank Transfer. I got the email with the total amount, the account number etc. But, the don't have the confirmation link or button. So I end up placed another order. but it's also doesn't have the confirmation link or button. Sooo I decided that it just the way it is..

So I wire the money, and I got the email that informed that my payment have been received. So here is ahat I received in the mail 2 days after, a pretty pink box printed with words "Pretty Thing Inside". I'm more accited with the box rather than the brush that I bought. I never really knew that they shipped with box and have a thank you note inside

#BeautyTester: Eglipse Blur Powder Pact


Unless you are a Korean beauty addict there is a big chance that you never heard this brand. I first discover this brand when I buy BBIA eyeliner from I never really interested to this brand because the packaging is so simple and I hardly ever heard any review about this product. But then Pony mention this product in her video. She said that the powder work like filter and makes your skin look super smooth.

March Loves


Sorry for the super late post. I tried a couple new product in march that I haven't yet post the review. So here's some product that I've been use and loving in march.

 1. Viva Cosmetic Brow Pencil in Black
I ran out my favorite brow pencil. I always have this pencil in my kit, I use it to sketch the eyebrow before filling it with pomade. I simply draw small stroke in the sparse area and set it with powder.

2. The Face Shop Pore Refining Mask
I have this mask forever. I not hate it but I'm not a fan of it. Now I love it. It calm my skin, suck the oil, BUT it doesn't makes my skin dry and feels tight. I wear it especially after I popped pimple or extract whiteheads. It calmes my skin with the fresh and shooting feeling when I apply the mask

3. Colourpop Lippie Pencil in Button
I'm all about lip liner lately, it makes the lipstick color look more true and stay on longer. My recent favorite is Button Lippie Pencil, it look exactly like my lip color only much better. I basically pair it with every nude lipstick that I own and they look super prwetie..

4. Benefit Porefessional
This is probably the very first primer I've ever tried. This is one of pioneer primer, way before every brand had their own primer. It is light weight, cover your pore really well and does not clump. I bought big family size last month before Luxola switch to Sephora and I have left over credit worth IDR 200000 plus.

Love Hate: Topshop Kohl Pencil


This is the first pencil eyeliner I ever bought. I got it a long time agooo, way before I understand makeup. At first I love how the pencil is so pigmented, creamy and glides easily sans hurting my eyes. But then I started hate it because the product travels everywhere, and look messy. The product seems never set. Later I know that kohl suppose to have that smudge look.

But since the pencil is so creamy,  it blends easily. I'll reach this from time to time when ever I did smokey eye. I use it as a base on my eyelid and blend it using synthetic dome brush.
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