Hi June! OMG It's June Already!!!


It's June already! that's mean we are half way through the 2016. What have you done so far?

Me, well, I made more that 27 blog posts. I told my self that this year I'll try to post something every month, rather than post a lot of stuff for a month and gone for the rest of the year. I try to be more consistent in filling this blog with useful, informative and interesting content.

I also quit share my personal life and random rant about life everyday. That's mean I deleted facebook, path, twitter apps from all my gadget. I know I love writing, I love telling story. but sometimes hundreds words are not enough, and people would never be able to look from my personal point of view. It's nice when what you post getting direct feedback, like comment, like, stickers etc. But sometimes, people just assume what's going on with your life and create their own version of my life. So I decide to focus on social media where I could improved my skill and match my interest. Right now I very active in my Snapchat (altercouture) and Instagram(altercouture), I just talk about makeup all the time, so keep that in mind before following me.

I tried to teach! like teaching a serious stuff like English. My mom always tell me to try to teach. deep down inside I know I could teach..And I also know that I'm not good in make people to understand. If by teaching mean i could stand in class for 4 hours and keep the class turn into a riot, than I would say that I can teach. Teaching is easy if you know the subject really well and English is not my forte... Well now that I tried I know. I'll definitely will teach someday, but I'll teach makeup for this time.

And last, I try to make journal entry everyday, but I kindda lost in interesting stuff going on in my life, I was to tired and forget to write at all. Sometimes, I don't have anything else to write aside how I love makeup so so much. Like I don't even think about anything else aside from makeup.

So for the next half of 2016 I will...

Improved my makeup skill, I'll try to do makeup on many different faces, trying different techniques and trends. I wish in the end of 2016 I would be more confidence with my identity as a makeup and beauty addict. Although, people might squint their eyes I won't back up this is what I passionately love and enjoy doing. I'll tell myself to just shake of all the people who doubt you and keep work harder!

I should stop hoarding makeup and let some of them go.. Like I'll use some product twice and sit in my drawer until it smell funky and belong to wasteland. My cousins were shock by the amount and variety of product that I own. Even "I'm a makeup artist" excuse could not justify my large collection despite of the super tight budget. My cousin, propose an idea of  "preloved sale'. This is a garage sale for your makeup item, so you'll sell your used makeup item for cheaper price. There a lot of preloved makeup group in facebook. Interestingly there is a lot of people who doesn't mind with buying used  beauty item. So this such a win, I won't waste any product, and I have a little money to purchase other new item that I'd like to try.

I plan to upgrade my photo gear. I've always wanted to buy new lenses for my camera but I just so confused with which one to chose, I'm terrified with the idea 'I got the wrong lenses,and now it's useless and I just waste tons of money, I should just splurge it in limited holiday collection makeups". Since I'm sort of ambitious I also wanted a Ring Light.. #flyingmoneyemoji

Continue to be more consistent with this blog and try to write the Indonesian version more often.

And in 10 years, hopefully I could be inspiration for all your girl to fight for their dreams! 

So what have you done so far this year? What your plan next? 

Ramadan Kareem for Muslim reader. Selamat Berpuasa!

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