#BeautyReview : Kiehl's Clantro & Orange Extract Pollutant DefendingMask


Last year, Kiehl's launched 2 new masks: Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Mask and Tumeric and Cranberry seed Energizing Radiance mask. At first I wanted to try the Turmeric mask, because turmeric is one of in trend beauty ingredient that helps to clear acne, plus I'm pretty sure that this mask won't stain your skin like raw turmeric does. Plus it is a kaolin based mask, so I guess it would suit my skin type better. 

But then when I went to the counter to get it. I also tried the cilantro & orange extract mask, and I love how it felt when applied, and when I wash it off it reveal a smooth and plump skin. While deciding, I turn around the packaing and read a wonderful notice " SUNBURN ALERT: This product contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) That may increase your skin sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility sunburn. Use sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for weeks after that.". Well I just read the rest when I type this. I actually stopped when it says that the mask contain AHA. I been suggested by my dear friend to tried AHA to deal with bumps and uneven texture around my mouth, nose, forehead, and under the eyes. 

This mask is a lot smaller that regular Kiehl's mask, it is 75 ml (2.5 fl. oz), and more expensive, the mask cost 480 000 IDR. It is packaged in glass container with plastic cap. When I open, the smell quite interesting, it has sweet minty floral smell, I imagine that it would smell like salsa since it is cilantro. I could hardly smell any cilantro. If you couldn't understand my explanation, this mask smell like tiger balm... Seriously...

So the sales person told me that I 'could ' use this as sleeping mask. So when I first tried it I use it like any wash off mask, I left it for 15 minutes and rinse it.. Aside for the smell and the sweet taste. I don't find that this mask do anything to me. So I wen't online and go to Kiehl's website. Sooo you use the mask as a leave on sleep mask. That's not an option. So at the second tried, I use the mask as instructed by the website. I use my toner, serum and face oil. Then, I brush the mask not to thin but not to thick, I leave it for 15 minutes and wipe the excess with tissue (I highly recommend high grade facial tissue for this step, don't use random facial tissue). your want to leave a thin layer, so it's okay if you still feel that there are some products left on your face.I watched some snaps and sleep until the sun shine.
When I wake up in the morning , I noticed that my skin feel super soft and moist and the rough bumpy area feels smoother. I've tried to use it for 3 weeks and I see a visible difference, especially my forehead become smoother, I've tried many product, but they do not do anything to my forehead. As for other parts I notice that this mask also help the Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask to maintain clean pore. So pores around my nose are much smaller now.

Interested to try it? you could buy it here. Yasss Kiehl's Indonesia has opened an online shop, and yes it's free shipping without minimum purchase, and yes they had 10% off for minimum purchased 500k IDR every wednesday (laidies only).

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