Pre-Order 101

Where did you get that Hourglass palette?  Where could I get that Aesop's Toner?
I admit it, I'm not just enjoy wearing make up but also hunting for makeup. There's not much selection in the market (especially if you live in a small city). So to furnish my needs and desired I asked for personal shopper help to acquire some stuff. They could help you to get small beauty item to styling tools, fancy cleansing device etc. We called this process as pre-order.

What is Pre-Order?

Pre-Order is an order made to item that is not available in stock. As we know that the lack of selection of beauty brand and product, some people took initiative to offer a service to acquire a product based on your order. These people are happen to have relative who live in other country or just generally travel aboard a lot. This kind of service been operating since past 6-7 years.

Why Pre-Order?

We use this kind of service to acquire some beauty brand that is not available in Indonesia. Or you just some one who is always keep up with trend and couldn't wait till the product launch here.

Where could I Pre-Order?

If you are familiar with the biggest women forum in Indonesia, Female Daily. You could visit the Market Plaza and found some sub forum where they offer this service. You could find they offer to acquire beauty and fashion item, from US, Europe, Korea, Japan, Singapore etc.


From instagram. You could find the seller that offer this service by search the hashtag. Try a keyword likeyou could try 'Jual(name of the brand)' e.g. 'jualtarte'

My selected seller

From the FemaleDaily Forum

- Mimo (Pre Order by Mimo) (US)

- Valent (US)

- Moporie (US)

From instagram

- Cristal Beauties (Singapore)

My personal opinion

I'm not a big fan of pre-order. Just simply I couldn't wait when will the item will arrived. But I pre-order for some occasion, e.g. Holiday. We all know that close to holiday season the brands go crazy and give like crazy discount. We couldn't miss this chance to get the item that we'll always wanted or just feel great scoring a great deal. Around this time Pre-Order comes handy because you could get the item that is not available but in much tolerable price.

Honestly I never place an order openly in forum. I'd rather contacted the seller through email. and those 3 seller are really good, trusted and professional in my opinion.

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