Tatcha Enzyme Powder


I'm  obsess with enzyme  based cleanser. All this obsession start last summer, when visited Japan my sister bought Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder. Since then, I hooked with this type of cleanser. I never found any other thing that cleanse pore as good as Suisai Beauty Clear Powder. The only downside is it contain paraben.

How come enzyme could help to cleanse your pores?
Stuffed pores are clogged by dirt,oil and dead skin cell. Enzyme broke down the oil and dirt make your pores cleanse with out loosing much moisture. Unlike the scrub that might scratch your skin or another chemical that might dried your skin. So this perfect for sensitive and dried skin because it would work with the targeted problem.

So, I've been searching and surfing ever since. I came across with Tatcha Polish Deep Rice Enzyme Powder ($15).  It's similar to Kanebo Suisai.
Basically you mix the powder with water, and mix until foamy. Just wash your face just like you normally used facial foam. Leave for 2-5 minutes before rinse. After you'll could feel that your pores cleanse and your skin became much smoother.




It has 3 variant Gentle, Classic, and Deep. I pick the deep one, but it wasn't as clean as Kanebo Suisai. I still need to extract the stuffed pore around the nose area. While Kanebo Suisai cleanse really well compare to Tatcha. But overall since tatcha have no paraben, and you still get silky smooth unclog pore after the extraction.

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