BEAUTY SHOPPING : Where to shop?


Now you want to start to wearing makeup and take care of your beautiful skin. even if you are traveling to Indonesia and forget to bring your mascara. But where could I found them?

1. Major department store

If you want to buy high end/ luxurious brand you need to visit major department store. You escape one anxiety about the product authenticity. More over most major department store have interesting offer every month. You could visit SOGO, Centro, Matahari, Seibu,etc. Unlike other 

2. Shopping Mall
not just you would find department store inside but also some beauty shop from US brand (sephora, Make-up Forever), Korean brand (Etude House, The Face shop) and many more.

3. Online shop

If you are in let say the most deserted place in this country, there's no major department store or supermarket, you could try online shopping, curently there many online shopping website to shop, such as Luxola, Lazada, Zalora, and Berry Benka.

4. Supermarket

In major supermakert in indonesia like carefour, hypermart tell sell a wide variety of local beauty product and cosmetic.

5. Drugstore

In major drugstore such as Boston, Guardian, Kimia Farma, you could find pharmacy based skin care and drugstore brand like L'oreal, Maybelline, wet 'n wild, physiogel, and some Japanese brand such as Biore etc.

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