Han Ye Seul's (Sara) Looks in 'Birth of a Beauty'


Please Raise your hand if you also enjoying watching 'Birth of a Beauty' (or virtually you could leave comment :p). 'Birth of a Beauty' is a new week-end romantic comedy drama in SBS. If you know the film '200 pounds Beauty', this drama has a similar plot. Read the synopsis here. I fall instantly to the heroine's look (Sara) as I watch the drama opening. She is wearing this pretty knee length red dress. She has a long hair, middle parted and light brown dyed with brownish blonde highlight (don't judge me I'm not the best at explaining hair).

1. Hair  

-Romantic loose french braid-

Sara (played by Han Ye Seul) has a light brown long hair. Most of the time only styled by middle part and loose wave. Some other time Sara wore a head piece something like fascinator. Sometime, she had her hair loose french braided. I love this style so much you could easily pull off this style to complete your romantic and innocent looks.
Sara's Loose french braid
Did you catch the loose french braid?



- Thin and slightly curved eyebrow-

One thing that different from most of Korean beauty standard is Sara's eyebrow. She doesn't have that thick and straight eyebrow. She had a thin eyebrow that slightly curved in the end. most of the time she wear peach color lips. There is one time she wear a red lips. If you are beauty addict you'll knew it right away that she use YSL's Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain. After certain exploration I found that she use shade 11 Rouge Gouache. Read more about Sara's Lipsticks here.

YSL's Touche Eclat

YSL Beauty in Korean drama again...
Sara's Red Lips
Sara 's Peach lips at HBS Fund Raising Party


-Red dress, Nude Pump and a micro size Satchel-

I think that they had a romantic sexy concept. Most of the time, Sara wear cute mini dress, pump and coat. Sometimes Sara wear creeper and sneaker. She looks so cute in the creeper. Other thing that I notice she wears micro sized handbag a lot. Read more about Sara's outfit here, 

Sara made me want to wear creeper

birth of a beauty korean drama fashion
I want to wear it
birth if a beauty korean drama fashion
Nude pump
birth if a beauty korean drama fashion
The cute mini satchel
birth of a beauty korean drama fashion
Cute mini size hand bag
birth of a beauty korean drama fashion
Dolce Gabbana Mini Mix Sicilly Bag
birth of a beauty korean drama fashion
Roger Vivier Miss Viv Bag

Image source: Korean Drama Fashion, Birth of a Beauty



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