Week 51st Anna her style in the past and her designer paper.

Lamé Turtleneck
PHOTO CREDIT: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage
1. Who is she? It's Anna Wintour in early 90's (WhoWhatWear)

Anna Wintour Christmas Presents Photos
PHOTO: Instagram.com/reyvakili
2. Anna, I just want the wrapping paper. Anna Wintour warp her present in designer paper.

3. I believe that we need a little guide to help decide the right thing to wear this holiday season, The Coveteur pick 5 outfits for every holiday occasion  . (The Coveteur)

4. EspoirxSmurf collection launch early 2015. (Altercoture.blogspot)

5. When you are traveling and didn't bring enough hair tie, this is how to finish a braid without elastic. (refinery 29)

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