#CultFavorite: Marcks Loose Powder


My first memory with this powder was a long time ago... My grandmother use it as her only skincare. She'll use it after she take a bath (in the morning and evening). Unlike other older ladies suffer with pigmentation, wrinkles, pores, sagging etc. Even in though she is 80, people would say that she is just turn 60. She would only have wrinkle in corner of her eyes. All her life she is bless with clear skin. She been use this powder forever. This powder still around and could be easily found everywhere in Indonesia. 

This powder came in standard powder container. I got mine in color cream, since I believe this will suit my skin tone better. This powder come in 2 size, small and big. The powder came in 3 color translucent, putih (translucent), cream, and rose. When I saw the ingredient, it's all simple, talc, corn starch, salicylic acid, and color.
The salicylic acid makes me interested, but the talc shut down the excitement. I hate talc! They seem found their way to sit in my pore, clogged it and make my skin rough. But still I give it a try.
I notice that it is indeed smoother. I could tell that the area around my nose and cheek (this is the area became rough and bumpy as I use powder) are not became rough. It has bad oil control, and you need to touch up every now and then. Does it clears acne? Well.. I've tried it only for 3 days. So I couldn't tell.

Have you ever tried this powder? let me know.
P.s. Raissa mention this in her snapchat a long time ago, she made me intrigued to try this powder.

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