April Favorite

I spend too much time being comfortable in my parent house... I do not blog as much as I planned. So I don't want to delay the monthly favorite any longer so here is my favorite items for April.
1. Cure Aqua Gel
My sister bought this for my mom last year and she just haven't finished it. So I use it a lot to help her :p. it really clean your pores, it melt off your blackhead. But try not to over do it. Because this is kindda stripping if you over use it.

2. Eglipse Blur Powder Pact
This is my current favorite setting powder, I use it a lot when I did makeup for other people. It hep to create an illusion that you have a smooth face. Read my complete review here.

3. So Natural Makeup Brush Dry Clean Sponge
 So if you are familiar with vera mona color switch, so this is the cheaper korean version. this help me so much, I would have my brush clean instantly and ready to use. 

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamana Palette
It launch like 2 year ago for 2014 Holiday collection. I prefer palette with cardboard pacakong for traveling because I believe that cardboard kindda softer when it got pressure, well I don't know how to explain the phyisical theories. It just more save for traveling. Plus I just love all the color from the palette. the are all so versatile, I could do any kind of look with only one palette and not to mention the size is so perfect for travelling.

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