First Time : Sociolla Haul!


I know that sociolla has been around for a while, I browse the website quite often. They have various brand but, only sell selected item from each brand, so you won't find everything. So all the time, I want to buy, but they don't sell it. Last week they have up to 50% off discount for tool from selected brand, I check their website and Volare is one of brands that participated in the sale, and they have 40% off discount. I don't think twice, I've been wanting to try their brush forever
So I pick 2 eye brush, because they are the most cheapest one. The step is all the same with other website, you click the "buy" (beli) button, checkout and choose your payment method. This is where I got confused... I choose to pay by Bank Transfer. I got the email with the total amount, the account number etc. But, the don't have the confirmation link or button. So I end up placed another order. but it's also doesn't have the confirmation link or button. Sooo I decided that it just the way it is..

So I wire the money, and I got the email that informed that my payment have been received. So here is ahat I received in the mail 2 days after, a pretty pink box printed with words "Pretty Thing Inside". I'm more accited with the box rather than the brush that I bought. I never really knew that they shipped with box and have a thank you note inside

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