#BeautyTester: Eglipse Blur Powder Pact


Unless you are a Korean beauty addict there is a big chance that you never heard this brand. I first discover this brand when I buy BBIA eyeliner from sky007.net. I never really interested to this brand because the packaging is so simple and I hardly ever heard any review about this product. But then Pony mention this product in her video. She said that the powder work like filter and makes your skin look super smooth.

This powder came in black plastic packaging, it just like powder commonly, with mirror inside and puff. It has no smell and when I tried run my finger I could tell that the powder is smooth, not buttery smooth but also not chalky dry. The texture is just perfect. I tried applied it with puff and brush. I found that when you applied with brush it look more natural and less cakey. But when you use puff to applied it, I found it give more smoothing effect but it might look a little bit cakey.

I got mine in no 23, the darkest color in the collection. I found it still look okay on my skin, that is because this product has low coverage. So you do not have to worry that it Plus this is also did not clogged my pore. This is a plus, because some other powder that claim make my skin look smoother, clogged my pore and instantly make my skin bumpy. But sadly this product has bad oil control. So a mattifing primer is need if you have oily skin.

Price: 6200 KRW in sky007.net
Size: 9 g
Color : 13, 21, 23
Coverage: Low
Oil control: Low

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