Review & Demo: Etude House Double Lasting Foundation


Once I saw this online, I tell myself that I should try this! Since it's double lasting I expected this foundation to last all day.
This liquid foundation come in glass container with a pump. Yes with a pump. Unlike other who like the convenience of pump, I'm not a fan of it. Since whatever left in the end of pump will be in contact with air and became dry.
The foundation is in runny consistency. It is scented, but it soon fade away soon after. It has a satin finish. I use Sigma F88 angled kabuki brush to apply. Only one layer and the foundation perfectly cover redness, but the acne scar still visible. The foundation set quickly and buildable, I decided to cover the blemishes with concealer so I won't look any lighter. The foundation make my skin texture look smoother and my pore look less visible.
So this is how the foundation look when I first finish my makeup, The picture take indoor with natural light. You could tell that the foundation is much more lighter than my neck.

 as for the flash photography, surprisingly the foundation doesn't look as bad as I thought it would be. It is lighter but it look pretty.

As for the lasting power, this foundation does not have any oil control properties, so it began to slide and cakey as the temperature rise and my skin start oily. You need mattifiying primer or oil control powder to make this foundation lst longer. So after 3 hours of wearing, the foundation had left my nose and setling in pores in my cheek. But in other part of my face where it isn't oily the foundation stay pretty.
I pick the color tan. Sadly it's still 2 tones lighter that my skin tone. I already pick the deepest color from the collection. Etude house seems to stuck in NC 20 and couldn't go darker, despite the product marketed globally. When I first applied it it was super visible that it much lighter that my skin tone, but over the time the foundation oxidize and became darker.

As you can see this is the swatch side by side with other foundation. in the middle is MUFE Ultra HD in Y305 (140), shade that I normally use and match my skin tone. Far left is Too faced Born This Way in Sand, what tan should look like and far right is the Etude House Double Lasting Foundation in Tan, but not soo tan. as you can see, that compare with the other foundation Etude House are more pinkish. But when It's oxidize and became darker, it's almost similar to MUFE Ultra HD one, but more pink.

 So have you tried this foundation? what do you think about it?

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Disclaimer: I already tested this foundation several time before I write this review.

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