Beauty Emergency: Surviving the Ash Rain

Another vulcanic eruption, another ash rain. Mount Kelud in Blitar (200 km away from where I life) erupted last night. And this morning the entire city covered by vulcanic ash. The ash start falling around 5.00 until around 9.00. And it hasn't been raining until this moment ,making the ash flying everywhere. Even when I closed all the window and the door, somehow this tiny ash find it's way to come in. 

 At this moment. I can feel that my throat very dry, a little pain it the chest, dry skin, and my eyes sore. Somehow I could feel that there is a thin layer of ash covering my body. So I decided to do my moisturizing routine as soon as I wash my self. That's mean I moved entire stuff to my tiny bathroom

My cleansing+moisturizing trio(l-r, Shu Emura Fresh Pore Cleansing Oil,Cetaphil oily skin cleanser, ROC Calmance). First I clean my skin with the cleansing oil, the the cleanser, then moisturizing the skin
Since I'm still battling with the acne, later I put some topical gel, I use Erymed.
I don't have large bathroom where I can put lot's of thing inside, so the toilet seat cover pretty much turning into table where I could place all my stuff.

how are you guys surviving this grey town? I hope everybody safe!
Wear mask and drink enough water..

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