Selia's Choice: Youtube Beauty Guru

Learn to wear make up is easier by watching the video rather than read a written procedure. Since maybe if you’re not familiar with makeup tool and technique, even the simplest term would be a trouble. Through the video you could easily learn by watching how the professional did it. So here’s a list of My favorite Youtube Beauty Guru, that the information given through video are the most original and different. (Am I speak weirdly?)
(I’ll skip Michelle Phan since everybody know her reputation)

Jung Saem Mool is a korean based make up artist, showing a detail korean style makeup, skin care and also hair do. I really love to watch them putting on make up to models, tapping the the brush softly to transfer the product onto the skin. They did make-up for many K-pop star MV's and K-drama.

2. Its judy time

When I’m need product review, especially foundation I would always google "*nameofthefoundation* its judy time" I never found many video reviewer as detail as judy when it’s come to reviewing foundation, the flash photography test, longevity test etc. plus she gave you tips how to work with the foundation.

3. Pony’s Beauty Diary Insite TV

The quickest way to update makeup trend in Korea is listen the interpretation from the Korean directly. Unlucky there weren’t much korean beauty guru, based in Korea and had videos with english subs. Pony would teach you how to wear Korean style make up in easy and simple steps. She would explain to you about latest Korean style make-up, popular technique used in Korea.

4. Pixiwoo

Another makeup artist chanel, I love watching pixiwoo sisters recreating looks from famous celebrity. Just a look inspired-by, not a full face transformation. Although this is not just a friendly tutorial for those who just start to learn wear make up. Since the video is quite long, and you would listen to them explaining about thing, I found this would be boring for those who just start learn to wear make-up. But for me every thing she said need to be noted, especially when she start to praised certain product.

5. Topshop Make-up

When you need a little Idea, wearable make-up that is edgy, electrical and fun. Topshop chanel always have that simple how to video for this kind of make-up. I would say that most of their make-up is focused in the eyes and lips. Every look they create is just like the makeup look from runway. To which I would describe as weird but wearable and adorable.

Who’s your favorite youtube beauty guru?

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