What a June I had!

Remember how I promised to constantly write something, well so much going on this month. Earlier this month I help my friends. I teach English! surprise! well I'm not the best choice, but I tried. That keep me busy for 2 weeks, and then I had Dengue Fever. although I only hospitalize for 3 days, then I decided to go home. because I don't trust my self to nurse me back to health, and my grandma Tjong passed away. Then my phone broke, and I couldn't repair it until I get back to jogja like in early august..

June is a month of taking chances. First.. I try to teach! Next, I had my hair cut short! My head feels so light and I look hella cuter (self proclaimed). I always hesitate to cut my hair short again. Once when I was a teenager, the hairdresser in my home town are not talented enough and he gave me mullet instead of a chic pixi cut, and weirdest, awkward bowl cut instead of bob. I look ugly, I don't care. But that experience made me detest the idea of having someone to cut my hair. If anyone have to mess with my hair it better be me.

Second brave step that I took in june is buying a lenses for my camera! I thought that it would be a waste of money. That I would never understand how to use it and hate it. But turns out I love it so much for product photo shoot, and it help to take the prettiest portrait I've ever done. I'm looking forward to get a pancake lenses someday. So there's a little blurry picture from my new 50mm lenses..

and Eid Mubarak people!

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