Skincare: 5 Essential Steps


For 2 years, I've been religiously practice 10 Steps Korean Skincare routine.  But I don't always have time to put tons of skincare layers. So I try to cut off most of the steps, and focus on products that help improving my skin.

My main goals is to deep cleanse my pore, keep my skin hydrate and protect it from sun.
So here is my essential steps of skincare along with product that I use in each steps:
1. Cleansing
In order the skincare to works more effective, it needs to be absorb by your skin. Cleanse your skin helps to take off dirt, dead skin cell and all unnecessary layer. Total bare skin makes your skincare absorb better. My current favorite cleanser is Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser (IDR 305 000, 150ml). I'll cleanse my face using my clarisonic MIA2 and this cleanser is a great pair since it's low foaming (lot's of foam and clarisonic is not a best pair, most of foam end up on my eyes)

2. Toner
 Toner help to get rid residue that might left by the cleanser. I use astringent toner,  it helps to reduce oil and makes my pores smaller. I couldn't miss toner, since I have oily skin, it makes sure that my skin is really bare before I put on another layer of skincare. My holy grail toner is Aesop Bitter Orange Astringent Toner (AUD 75, 250ml). This toner helps to clean residue left from cleansing foam and make your skin fresh but not drying and following skincare step always absorb better.

3. Serum
To help improve my skin clarity and, generally, my skin condition I need a real good serum. Since serum is believed to have smaller particle and more concentrated, it absorb easier and work more effectively  targeted to what your skin need e.g hydration, reduce blackhead, lighten dark spot etc. Currently I use The Body Shop Nutriganic Drop of Youth (IDR 649 000, 50ml). It works by boosting skin regeneration, and it makes my skin smoother, brighter and prevent breakout.

4. Moisturizer
No matter how serum, oil, toner claimed to be hydrating (in case you hate the moist words), you should never skip moisturizing your skin. Yes even your skin is oily. Once I skip this step, my skin is still oily but I could feel that my skin texture became so rough. Just imagine that our skin is like a sponge. When the sponge is super dry you it became rough, and when it's wet sponge became softer. The water that filled the sponge is like moisturizer to our skin. I choose a simple moisturizer that keep my skin hydrate. I use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream intense Hydration (IDR 435 000, 50ml) (sadly it is discontinue, but you could always go to the counters, they probably still have it), it deliver an intense hydration and quickly absorb by skin.

5. Sun screen
Did you know the picture of truck driver with severe sun damage on one side of his face, and the face with less exposure to sun are much in good shape. Ever since read this article I never forget to use sunscreen even if I just stay indoor. Sunscreen Help to protect your skin from sun exposure, as we know that sun exposure damage your skin elasticity, cause discoloration and so on. For me it help my acne scar to not become darker. Currently I use The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel Spf 40 +++, This sunscreen is light weight and doesn't turn my skin ghostly white.

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