How to Properly Use The Acne Patch/ Acne Sticker


I couldn't survive any breakout without acne patch. First it stop me from picking my pimple, second not just protecting it from my finger but also from dust. And lastly it's quite satisfying looking the patch turn white sucking all the liquid from your pimple. Yes it's gross, but still.

1. Clean your face
First you need to make sure that you clean your face properly. Pick non drying cleanser but doesn't left any residue. My favorite The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing foam.

2. Dry your face
Pat dry your face, make sure you dry them, it it to wet then the patch  won't stick.

3. Find your target
Hydrocolloid acne patch work by sucking the wound exudation (read here for more detail), so you need to find a pimple that have white pus. You know that red pimple with white substance in the middle. You know when it's ready you don't need much effort to pop it. Carefully squeeze the pus (here how to do it properly). I use toner ( I use Aesop Astringent toner) to clean targeted area and place the patch over.

There you have it, your pimple popped and now the patch would do the job to absorb all the remaining liquid. I found that my popped pimple dry faster since the patch helps to absorb the liquid. Make sure you pick Hydrocolloid type, I found other sticker just a waste of money and doesn't do the job. My favorite is the one from Nexcare you could find it easily everywhere. Btw this is just my way, the dermatologist might not agree with the popped the pimple by yourself. Have fun and may the pimple vanish soon!

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