REVIEW & DEMO : Etude House 'Tint My Brow Gel'


Just imagine, you wake up in the morning and look at the mirror you wake up with your eyebrow all on fleek. Yes we all want it (maybe for those who naturally have no brow like me think so). Nowadays there's tattoo to make your wish come true... But let's be honest, you need to deal with the pain, not to mention when you choose bad artist you have to life with funny eyebrow for months. Plus, did I mention the price?? not everybody could afford it. 

Inspired by people like me who hate commitment and pain, broke af but still try to kill it. There's many product offer the solution not to do your eyebrow everyday and stay on really really well. So this time I'll introduce you to Etude House 'Tint My Brow Gel'  

From it claims
New-concept eyebrow gel tint that makes eyebrow makeup last longa after removing the tint.
 First Impression:
There's nothing special with the packaging. The product have a sticky, gel like consistency. It has a brush applicator. But it would be hard to control to be really precise because the brush is not as pointy as it is shown on website and promotional picture. When I first peel it of I shocked how pigmented it is. Like the color is soooooo dark that what I've imagine.
I look like any cartoon character with thick eyebrow. But when I washed it, It became more natural. After I washed it, I could barely see the shape and the color wasn't as vivid as before. The color stay for 2-3 days before it completely gone. BTW, I pick #3 Gray Brown.
How to use:
1. I sketch the eyebrow shape and trim any hair
2. The start to fill from middle to the tail. Here is the trick, you want to fill the end with more product and apply thinly gradually toward the front.
3. Let it sit for couple hours. (I left it for 2 hours)
4. Peel it slowly from front to tail and TA-DA!

This is not the first eyebrow tint that I've tried. I've tried Clio 'Tinted Tattoo Eyebrow Before' (I'll write the review latter). Etude house has better color pay off and stay longer. I found it easier to create a clean shape with etude house, the one from clio seem to set in to fine lines and bleed.  But I found that clio easier to use.

I love it, the color match my hair really well, It stay for 2 days and it look more natural after you've washed it. But you need quite some time to make it all nice and perfect.

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