Tried & Tested: Etude House AC Clean Up Liquid Patch

I'm a huge Fan of Etude House AC clinic Pink Powder Spot. Last year Etude House change the line to AC Clean Up, and there is one product that catch my attention.  'Liquid Patch' As I open the page, as usual I will look through the picture demonstrate how to use this product. I was instantly amazed! It creates a thin film layer to protect you acne scar, then you could put on your makeup like nothing happen underneath. Sound impressive right? This product is too good to be true. So does it work?
The product has a mild smell of tea tree. It has rubbery flat tip applicator. I follow the instruction in the back of packaging. First I make sure my skin is clean, then I applied the product on my pimple and let it dry. It is recommended that you used three layer of product. When it dries it still have shiny finish. And, I don't need to add concealer/foundation because it has peeled as soon as it dries. It lack of adhesivity to help the product stay still on your skin.

This product has an innovative idea, sadly it was not properly developed. Hopefully the would improve the adhesivity so it would be perfect.

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