Nail Trend: Syrup Nail

Few days ago when I try to find some new release of korean cosmetic. I found there's two company having this nice nail trend. Well actually it's nothing new, It's a gradient nail. The two company that come with this idea are Innisfree and Laneige. You might have been seen many kind of gradation, but this one is really suit for summer. They look like a fresh colorful summer drink like this and this one.


I believe that this nail polish belong to a collection called Water Drop, as I also found Water Drop Tint. From the promotional picture above you can see that the color aren't opaque. The color are transparent and super glossy. In my eyes the are all look like jelly, both, lips and the nails.

This nail polish came with 5 color, magenta, orange, blue, purple and transparent. You could only use one color or mix two color.

From the how to instruction, first you need to paint the base with the clear polish (no. 5). Then Start to layering with the color polish (no. 1,2,3,or 4), repeat 4 to 5 times. Each layer start around few millimeter above the previous layer. finally seal the design with the clear polish (no. 5) again.
Innisfree also launch similar nail trend, they called it Syrup Nail, the methode use mostly similar, paint the base in the entire nail the start latering, the second layer cover 2/3 nail's top part, and the third layer cover 1/3 nail's top part.

To achieve this look you'll need a transparent nail polish like the one from Laneige or Innisfree. Or you can try by mixing clear nail polish (ex. top coat) with an regular nail polish.

The different from the other gradient/ombre nail trend are this one use transparent color and didn't use true color base. And also diffrent from the other transparent gradient/ombre, the other start coloring from the middle part left the other half clear, and other half with gradient. But this one the ombre color start close to the nail bottom part and darker (more opaque) on the top part.

This is some try out that I do:

This one using Check Check Nail Kit from the Face Shop, this nail polish also have low opacity. Closer look from my instagram 1, 2.

The other one, I try by mix 4 part of top coat and 1 part regular color nail polish. (except the index finger).

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