How to REMOVE Make up

This is "A Guide to Remove the Make Up Completely"

I like to wear make up a lot, but if you couldn't take off the make up properly, it would cause the pore blocked and few days latter...... the breakouts.

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1. Q-tips

Medium size q-tip, firm and won't easily fall off. Just don't buy fancy q-tip with big head, it would absorb a lot of product, but not enough surface too clean up.Q-tip would be perfect to help you clean up the eye area, ex. between your eyelashes where all the stubborn eye liner stuck.

2. Cotton Pad

Pick the one with thin layer and firm surface. You'll need to pick the one with thin layer because it won't eat up all your product. Trust me I already use the thick layer, it still have much product in it but no more surface to take off the make up. And firm surface, so when you wipe it on your face you won't find the trail of cotton pad and you could take of the make up properly.

3. Clean Hand and Finger

Just sanitize your hand with the soap. I like to do it since I don't like seeing all the dirt in my hand stuck in the cotton pads and then goes to my face.

How to take off your make up:


1. Eye and lips Make up


Splash you cotton pad with the water-oil solution (the one that consist of watery solution on the bottom, and oil on the top, to use you'll need to shake until well combine), just don't soak you'll end up waste a lot of product. 

Then place the cotton pad on your eyes for 1 minute. Then slowly wipes the cotton downward. at this point the eyelash glue must be soften and could be removed without irritate your skin (well if you have super expensive (reusable) eyelash you'll need to remove it first). To remove the false lashes, press the lid and slowly pull the lashes from the root.

And then flip the cotton on the clean surface, place on your eyes repeat the previous process to take off any left over eye make up.

The last pick your q-tip (splash) with cleansing water and start to clean the area around

If you fill the eyebrow don't forget to clean up. 

For take off any make up on my lips I also use the same  method.

Why I still use the watery-oil solution?
It's just easily to remove the waterproof make up. Plus From all kind of cleanser I've tried, oil based one is the only one that could take off the color make up perfectly.

 2. Face


To clean of any face make up, I'll always use cleansing water first. Just soak your cotton pad and gently wipes the face. 

Next to make sure everything been take off, I'll wash my face with cleansing oil. I'll pump enough to clean my face and neck area (basically all area covered with the make-up). You need to make sure that your hand and face are dry. Massage on the area, then rinse off with water.

well I don't really like the oily feeling on my skin, so the next step I would you my favorite cleanser to take off the left over oil.

well all those step would be great if you're a 'clean-addict-freak afraid of future break out that would be cause by make up' like me.

You could simply take off the foundation and any face make up with cleansing oil then continue to your favorite cleanser.

After the make up off

just continue to your prefer skin care routine.

A little tip if you're getting your make up done by unhygienic make up artist,
to prevent break out in the future I'll use some drugstore product that contain Salicylic acid or Benzoyl peroxide. Those two ingredient could help you to fight the bacteria that might be transfer on to your skin from the dirty tools.

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