Bikini Body for December


Who have summer in December? Australians do! One Tuesday, after a little chit chat accompany with delicious Sweet strawberry tart and a lunch in an Aceh Restaurant. I think I need to burn some calories and diminish some fat to look great in swim suit. I choose to bike around, since its fun and I had bike, Lol.
1st try, I bike for 4 km took a rest at KFC and order Mocca Float (ouch, so failed), But on the way back home I took a 6 km route.
2nd try I took the same route, but instead of stop at KFC, I went to Superindo (Supermarket) to do a little errand for my brother.
3rd try I took a longer route, 8 km with some stop at “Universal”  DVD rental store, I rent 5 title of old movies, and a little chit chat near my place with friends.
4th try, I took longer route like 11 km, I start late than usual, and the street weren’t as crowded as usual, so I took a chance to add more km and visit my friend on the way back home, and took my package from my cousin place.

Acctually since it’s a rainy season, any outdoor sport activities isn’t such a great idea. I hardly bike this past week because of the weather. But here is some tips to be enthusiast to workout.

1.       Set a goal
It’s important! You need a reason to get off from your laptop scroll down all the post from tumblr and pintrest. For example: You need to be fit to run all along the sea shore during summer, you need to look great in the cute bikini. Set the goal, keep you focus to one thing that you would achieve later. So you wouldn’t easily missed the routine

2.       Play favourite playlist
You can laugh at me, but I like to bike while listening Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again” and Miley Cryrus “We Can’t Stop”.  The right music keeps your good mood and spirit. For example when I’m listening to “Begin Again” I feel like I bike around Empty Street of Marais, in mid-length skirt and red lipstick just like she did in the video clip. Suddenly I feel like I’m the prettiest cyclist all over the town. Hohohoho

3.       Fun sport
Choose the sport activities that would make you feel happy. So you would voluntary to do it all the time, despite the awful day you had in the class, works or everywhere. If the fitness routine is fun enough you could forget all the awful day you had, and relax while you kill the calories and fats.

4.       Do it gradually
Just like I do, I used to bike for the distance 2 km every day, from home to campus. Then I gradually add the distance 1-2 km each day.  You could not force your stamina to bike 10 km at one shot while you never exercise in daily basis. If you do, you would feel like being torture instead.

1.       Now or never
Just do it. There’s always a reason not to do it today.  If you keep delay it later you’ll just forget and end up never do it. 


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