2012 going 2013

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Alone in my room in new years eve, I couldn't have the silent night since the rain stop and the firework began.  It's so loud at the point so disturbing rather than admiring. At the very last minute I canceled my plan to spend NYE with my friend. I think I love being by myself (and internet) a lot more. 2012 had been an adventurous year for me.
I went aboard alone for the first time. I travel thousand miles away, meet a lot of people and learn many thing. I delete my twitter account, for the first time I feel free from people judgement about everything, I have more chance to see everything through my eyes first. Other good thing in 2012 is, Stable internet connection. Since I hardly ever leave this shell, I barely know what's going on in this world, What's so happening, Who else do the corruption, which style is in now. But thanks to internet that provide the information plus inspiration from all over the world. The last thing that I have in 2012 is oven. I've been dreaming a lot for this guy to come to my clumsy cooking life. These days most of my dishes are roasted, grill any method that use oven. And last but not least (?) I survived the apocalypse. LOL

For 2013 I wish it would bring much more happiness and color (nail polishes) to my life. As a new year resolution I will live my life the fullest, be more carefree and work harder! Hello 2013!

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