2013 Beauty Resolution


 "Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out"

1. Flat Iron 
    I'm not a fan of sleek straight hair, but I learned that we also can use flat iron to create a wavy hair style.
2. Get Make-up Brush
     When applying eyeshadow I use my hand to blend the product. I end up catch more product in my finger tip than my eyelid.
3. Try BB cream
    Before I've tried BB cream from Maybelline and but it made me breakout. But I never try the Asian BB cream. It claims to give your skin nice coverage while repair/heal your skin.
4. Make up Palette
    Enlarge my collection and experiment with colors.
5. Instagram my nail creation
    Doing my nails is a great stress reliever, I done it once to twice a week. Instagram my nail help me to
6. Drink More Water
    Moisturize your skin from outside wouldn't enough, need helps from inside. Right diet and enough water would do.

picture : top 1/2/3 bottom 4/5/6

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