Beauty Brand: Aesop

Aesop is an Australian beauty brand establish in late 80's specialised in plant base and laboratory-made product. While other skin care brand use faces and provocative slogan talking about the innovation or the product's effectiveness, Aesop offer you product sample to try. And when you visit their signature store, you will get personal consultation from trained staff who will help you to find the product that suit your needs.
Aesop have more that fifty signature store worldwide. Each store interior have a unique different concept. They work with local architect and explore the inspiration from the surrounding environment. Take a look at Dezeen's post about Aesop store design and concept.

Aesop Saint Honore, covered by 3,500 pieces of wood
I first time try Aesop last summer. When I had a huge breakout, my brother recommended me to find Aesop. So I visit on of Aesop store in Saint Honore, I didn't buy anything at all for the first time. I told the salesperson/ consultant my skin condition. And she give me few sample sachet of chamomile concentrate anti blemish masque and Mandarin facial hydrating cream. I'm really impressed with the mask. Because of the prescribe acne treatment that I got, my skin have been dry and flaky(eww). But the mask help to reduce the inflammation and the growth of acne without overly dry my skin. When I first apply the mask I feel a cooling sensation. I smell soft floral, herbs and clay like scent. I really love the smell.Then I decided to buy Bitter Orange Astringent Toner, Amazing Face Cleanser, and Control
I'll write the review in separate post.

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