How's life lately?

I've been trapped inside this house since my return from Hong Kong. I can leave house if I want. But I will felt super guilty over my paperwork (due next Thursday and which unlucky I haven't started yet). What happen to my life lately:
1. I just came home from Hong Kong and I one thing I regret is I don't bring a luggage big enough.
2. I hope that this is my final year, In order to obtain my diploma I should finish writing undergraduate thesis. which I haven't really start. (Super Lazy)
3. We'll move out from our house, and plan to buy or build  a house. So soon enough, I will put many picture about interior design and all the thing.
4. I want to buy a new camera pocket, and new cellphone, with limited budget, I should decide which one I would buy.
5. Mosquitoes, I caught at least 3 or them in my room 'everyday'. wtf, I never been attacked by little insect like this. Good thing we'll move out soon, but still at night I couldn't sleep, because they fly near my ears.
6. have you seen new Trouble Maker MV Now? check them right now! I don't think the story line good enough, but Hyuna and (especiallly) Hyun Seung really rocking their new look.

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Yohana Januarty said...

Wahh, mau pindah ke mana, Sel?

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