Video Music of the Moment: Brunch | Ga In 가인, Hyung Woo조형우


I've been told you that I was so busy at university, today we had a surprise mid-term. We have no clue at all that there will be a mid term today. Since we had been agree that we'll have the mid term next week. I have paper due this Friday (12/04/13), up until now I haven't start to write anything. Since I miss last week post, Today I'll share another Korean music video, Brunch by Gain and Hyung Woo.

What? Another Korean song??? There's a subtitle in English so you could understand the song.

the song it self, tell about two lover expressing their affection of simple thing, like spend time together and going brunch. Another ballad song, that would you want to hear early in the morning, The music sound calming for me.

I could quickly guess that the video shoot in new york, since I always collecting many photo/poster from we heart it with similar feel. If I had to life in a big city, that would be in New York, why? Maybe, that's because I watch some american series that take place or talk about New York (ex. Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Two Broke Girls , etc.), They always describe New York as a magical place and glamorous. But in other side, New York isn't a clean freak, and it has subway.

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