January Favorite


1.Guardian Beauty Favorite Eyeshadow Brush
This brush is cheap but have a decent quality. I have several Guardian Beauty brush, I would highly recommend this brush to anyone who want to start using brush but in tight budget. Very cheap but the quality is really nice. The bristle is soft enough and quite durable.

2.Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
The powder that change my life. It gives a natural glowing skin without looking to glittery or shimmery. read review here.

3.Hourglass Ambient lighting Blush Palette
The only blush I need. If you are beginner in coloring cheek this blush would always give the best flushed cheek. For review and swatch here.

4.Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Lip 20 Lola
With concealer underneath, apply lightly it give a nice pinkish lip.(Swatch here)

5. Revlon Colorstay 16 Hours Eyeshadow in Attitude
I've been back to filling my brow with this eyeshadow. I would say that each time I fill my eyebrow with this eyeshadow it looks even and less blotchy compare to the eyebrow pencil. how to: here.

1. Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream
This finish cream act as a barrier for your skin care and protect the skin from nano particle, dust etc, that could clogged pore and make skin look dull. This cream really does protect my skin and minimize the dust sit on my skin  Read review here.

Empties: JANUARY 2015

January end soon! here is product that I finish this month. More about the product>>

Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

I've got this palette as soon as it launch, and the first holiday palette that I purchase. I love the hourglass product since it is nano particle free. I haven't really touch it until early January. I would say this is the most flattering powder blush that I ever tried. It give a nice glow finish to your skin without the awkward Edward's glitter. I would get the other color, if they were on sale. Read the review>>

Cleansing Device: Was it worth the splurge?


If you had oily skin, you'll build a tendency to overly obsess to overly cleanse your skin. You might have extra steps if you had acne prone skin. You might someday thinking about buying a cleansing device to help you deeply clean your pores. This past 3 month I've tried using Clarisonic Mia 2 every night when I take off my makeup. (Was it worth?)

Is this the right skincare for me?


 Q: How could you tell that the product doesn't suit your skin?

A: If your have the right skin care, it would help improve your complexion and you'll notice within a week to a month I'd say. You might not see a big or dramatic result, but you could tell that your complexion is getting better. For example, if you have acne prone skin, you'll breakout less. If you have dry skin, you'll feel less tight sensation.

If it's not, your skin would give an reaction, you might be breakout, having irritation, dryness or your complexion doesn't show an improvement. Like the most notice on the package 'Stop if irritation occurs'. There some people said that you should continue despite the ugly reaction. I said hell no. If you continue the usage, there's a chance that the reaction worsen, and ruin your skin.

To choose the right skincare you need to know you skin type really well, then you could decide what your skin needs.

My Everyday Nude


Despite my obsession with colors. Most of the time I use nude, brownish shade everyday. So I would like to share my favorite neutral nude for everyday wear. This would be the palette and eyeshadow single I had on top of the counter and bring everywhere. Hopefully it could help those who just going to start to wear eyeshadow.

The Wild Thornberry


This is one of Nickelodeon show that I always so obsess. Isn't it supper fun when you could travel around the world with your family and your home? more over Elisa, she could talk to animal. Is it fun, could you imagine that I talk to winter (my dog) someday? She must be super shock. With the rise of Nigel Thornberry attach to various Disney characters, I feel a little nostalgic. I always enjoy the show.. In the end there always wisdom that you could learn. SEE MORE PICTURE>>

My Night Time Cleansing Routine


In the end of the day, before I go to bed. I would always take a bath and remove my make-up. Many been asking my skin care routine since my face is a lot better right now. So here is my current My night time cleansing routine:

1. Clean my eyes and lips makeup with oil-water based makeup remover. This is the best way to remove the waterproof makeup completely.
I use: Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lips. (guardian)

2. To remove any face makeup I'll use cleansing oil. Cleansing oil is great yo gather the dirt that stuck on my pore. Cleansing Oil works by breakdown the make-up. I pump a little amount enough to cover entire face. I'll massage my face using the oil. Then rinse with water.
I use: Shu Eumura Porefinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil.(In store in Indonesia check here)

3. Most of the time the cleansing oil left oily residu. So I wipe my face with cotton soak in cleansing water. This is important step to remove any excess oil left. You could skip this step if you're facial cleanser is super strong.
I use: Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water.

4. Last step I cleanse my face with facial foam. Because the cleansing water couldn't take off the oil completely, and any oil left might be a barrier that made your skin care not absorb well. I use my facial foam with Clarisonic Mia 2 every night.
I use: Shiseido Ibuki Purifiying Cleanser.

This is might sound excessive. But you need to make sure that you clean off all the dirt and oil that stuck on your pore, but didn't make your skin irritate. The method might be different from one person to other. This is just the perfect way for me. I had acne prone, oily/combination skin with large pores. You need to clean all the dirt and oil from your face with out striping too much moisture.

Read here for my ultimate guide to cleanse your face.

Week 3: The Return of John Galliano and Blog Layout facelift


Hi everyone, I've been inactive this week. This last week I'm busy finishing my sewing project and did a facelift for this blog layout. But here 5 links I want to share to you this week.

1. Amal Clooney is my fashion icon at this moment. Take a look of amal's look here. (vogue.com)

2. The most handsome Dog, which happen to be more stylish that your boyfriend. (mensweardog.tumblr)

3. The history of 'It Bag'. The 'It Bag' from each decade. My favorite is Lady Dior (vouge.com)

4.Can you taste sound? Yes, you can. (Sorted Food)

5. John Galliano return with Maison Margiela's Couture Show.

La Maison du Chocolat for Sephora


If your Valentine loves make-up as much as chocolate, You gotta grab this limited edition gift set from La Maison du Chocolat for Sephora Collection. The idea is you'll not only got chocolate for valentine but also a make-up. You'll find Sephora Collection Lustre Matte Long-Wear Lip color in Mulberry, and four pieces Chocolate Praline from La Maison du Chocolat. The set warped with elegant red square box and ivory ribbon. The limited edition set would be available at Sephora Stores for 20$. Hopefully they would sell this in Indonesia or at least in Singapore. 

source temptalia

I won't hate it in my wedding: Maroon 5 Crash Weddings!


I'm a perfectionist. In my big day I would like everything to be perfect. I hate party crasher! But I would love it if Maroon 5 did it. For their latest video clip, Maroon 5 crashed wedding as many as they could in one day. Suddenly there some people invade your wedding reception and build the set that you didn't ask for, but when the curtain drop and you see maroon 5 singing in your wedding what could you say? you just close your mouth because it would either swearing or opened wildly big.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette


I hate powders, press powder etc, it clogged your pores and make your skin looks bumpy. Every time I use powder, I could feel like you add one layer that make you skin couldn't breath, or just like you are had been in a long-long trip in the middle of dusty old shop (you know that feeling when you had a lot of dust on your hand, your hand feel So I never into the touch up or reapply powder in my face, In high school my friend like you wash their face with water (sans facial foam) and then reapply the whole skincare routine and powder. I never a fan of that kind of ritual. If I need to apply or reapply anything I would strip down everything from my face. I admit that the powder with talc work best to stop the shine on your face. But in the other hand if you had a big-big pores, powder is not your best friend. Yes it does the job to absorb oil, but it also clogged your pore, in the end of the day, your skin look dry and rough, sometimes even lead to pimple.

Years ago I watch a video review of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, Dustin Hunter told that he only grab a couple pan, but when he tried it, and he fall in love with the finish, that he need to get all colors. But the palette quite pricey, back then around holiday 2013 they released the Ambient Lighting Palette, feature 2 colors that already in the line (Dim Light and Radiant Light) and 1 palette special color (Incandescent Light). I get it around early 2014.  READ MORE FOR REVIEW

Don't you miss John Galliano (or at least his works)


John Galliano return, after 4 year. I always adore the fashion show that John throw. His show is a perfection, the dress was presented in theatrical fashion show, the catwalk is not just a set but a magical place, and the models not just walk the runway, but they are someone that tell something. I always wait his show in every fashion week and couture show to see what he did. You could tell how sad I'm when he banned and fired from Dior 4 years ago.

Last October, he was appointed as a creative director for Maison Martin Margiela, and he just made a come back through the small Couture Collection. Welcome back John Galliano.

Ps. Maison Martin Margiela drop the Martin and go with Maison Margiela, they pick the one that pronounce the hardest.

See more at Style.com

Weeks 2: Simplify our life

As I write this post I sat on my round dining table, and across me there is sewing machine, tea pot, multiple plastic container,tissue paper and plastic bag. I take a deep breath and told my self I need to clean up this clutter. Because the reflect how clutter my life in other aspect. So here's some link to help you to start manage and decluttered your life.

1. Declutter your home, this is how to purge everything you don't need from your home.

2. If you need to declutter your life this 30-Day Minimalism challenge would help you to press the restart button.

3. Make-up Lover raised your hand! here's a video to inspire you to toss a couple shade of blush that doesn't match your skin tone but they are too cute to let go..

How do we address stranger in Indonesia?

Honorific Based on my experience and observation.

Addressing people in Indonesia is sooo tricky... As Indonesia know to be a country with quite language diversity, the way you address people different from one to other place. Most of the time we use 'Mas' for Male, 'Mbak' for female. But in some place they believe that the honorific title only reserved for Javanese. "I'm not Javanese don't call me with that tittle." *akward*

Basically to address people we must consider age and gender. It's impolite to call someone older only by his name. Calling name only reserved for same age friends, people younger, and your pets (and calf). If he is much-much older that he could be your daddy or generally he is unfit to be your older brother, you call him 'Bapak' or 'Pak', If she older, as old as your mom or even more you call her 'Ibu' or 'Bu'. So you must choose carefully between 'Pak' and 'Mas' or 'Bu' and 'Mbak'. Because well all like to be though younger than our actual age.

When I was in high school, We had a journalistic workshop held by a journalist. He is javanesse, he address each single of us with 'mas' and 'mbak'. He is much older than us, why he address us with a term reserved for people older. I felt a little bit weird and suggest him to call us by our name. Most of the time older people address us with 'dik' or 'dek'  a short version of 'adik' (lit. Little sister/ brother). But according to him, in his believe they address everyone with 'mbak' and 'mas' as a polite ways to address someone he just met. It's most like a formal form to address people you've just know.

My Pansy has Arrived!


I must be move on from matte lipstick. Since the spring trend gonna be all bright pink/coral glossy lips. But Glossy lips are high maintenance. I will always be in love with matte lips in crazy color. Here is finnally my Lime Crime Velvetines in Pansy has arrived. MORE PHOTO:

Finish Cream a.k.a. Pore Armor


Last year I watch Get it Beauty special episode Jung Saem Moll. She share her beauty secret. As for skin care, she finish the routine by applying Finish Cream. Finish Cream act as a barrier that protect your skin care layer beneath. So your skin care could work better without being contaminated with harmful particle. Not long after this episode. Etude House launch Dust Cut Line. This line is specially dedicated for protecting your skin from small particle that could sit on your skin and made your skin look dull and congested. 

The Importance of Eye Rinse


If you use oil based cleanser to remove your eye makeup, rinse your eye is one important step. Rinse your eyes help to remove the dirt and oil left in your eye, left your eyes clean and fresh.

Week 1, 2015 "Rest in Power, Leelah Alcorn!"

Photo via Lazer Princess

First week of 2015 link round up will be dedicated to our Sister 'Leelah Alcorn" and whole transgender community.

1. Trans Teens Leaves Tumblr Suicide Note Before Her Death (refinery29)

2.The Whittington: The Ryland's Story (youtube)

3. Little fact about Transgender

4. "I'm a Guy" a female-male transgender that is not transforming. And kinda why New York city such a cool place.

5. Living a Transgender Childhood

In the end I hope you'll understand that gender is something grey, not black and white. I would like to address this specially to parents. Because there's nothing more important as a child that parents love and acceptance. Last the whole society to understand more about gender identity.  

2015 Beauty Resolution

Each year we make a resolution to drink more water, to be more positive, to eat healthier. Well this past years I've been so much into beauty world so my resolution is more likely what I like to buy this year. This list usually consist of crazy expensive stuff that need require some amount of time to save money. So here is top 5 item I want to own this year.

1. Lipstick Container
I'm not have 100-1000 of color but I always miss good color since I scattered my lipstick in separate place. I end up forgot that I have one. So I need a lipstick container where I could gather my lipstick together.

2. MAC VIVA GLAM Miley Cyrus
I never interested to mac lipstick, I have this tendency to try thing people never try or simply buy something in much afordable price. But this year MAC team up with Miley Cyrus and launch a bright pink lipstick and lip glass. I can't wait for this.

3. Makeup Brushes
You'll never have enough makeup brushes, this year I want to try Wayne Goss, Chikuhudo, and Real Technique Bold Metals.

4. Japanese Make-up
For me Japanese all known for their cuteness and give it all attitude when creating something. This year I want to have Elegance eyeshadow, Laduree eyeshadow, anna sui, or at least one of them.

5. Serum
Last year I try the Estee Lauder Advence Night Repair serum and also I've try good genes from Sunday Riley. I love Estee Lauder one, when I use it regularly it helps to tighten the pore and my face wasn't as oily as it use to be. But I never buy the full size before, so I considering to invest in full size one this year.

Best Beauty Found in 2014

Last year I really explore the world of beauty like I never did before. I try a lots of lips color. Wearing a  thick coat of bold red lipstick. This is the list of item that I tried in 2014 and loved.

Skin Care
I've been using this Award winning line since April until this moment. It help to smooth my skin and prevent the future breakout. After a week trying the Softening Concentrate, Purifying Cleanser and Protective Moisturiser. I could tell that my skin surface became smoother and my pimple start to reduce.
- Erymed 
Aside from good skin care you need a good topical acne treatment. Last year I try Benzoyl Peroxide. It dried the zit quickly but left your skin look super awfully dry, dye my bang  and eye brow. So I try erymed, this is the best. Not only help to kill the bacteria but also reduce the redness and not drying.
I found this one after read an article somewhere about some model night time skin care routine. She said that she use it and in the morning she could tell that her skin became much clearer and help to fading her acne scar. I couldn't agree more. It's absorb quickly and work well with other skin care I had. I notice that my acne scar fading faster.
The ultimate pore cleansing solution for me. If you had the most stubborn white head you gotta try this one! It cleanse you pore without the tightness and dryness feeling afterward.
- Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream
The idea of finish cream is a filter/ protective layer for your skincare. It prevent the small particle stay sit on your skin. I apply this after all your skin care routine. I love this product. Even though it called cream, it has a gel like consistency. I love the fresh smell and how it protect my skin from dust. Every time I use this cream I could feel minimal formation of white head.

I got a coupon, and I think to my self that I never try a fancy mascara before. So I bought this one, I never look back at my drugstore mascara ever again. (I did once and I hate it). it smell nice and light. Separate the lash perfectly and hold the curl nicely.
If you looking for lacquer lip product I would recommend this one. Totally affordable, wide color range from mauve, fuchsia, to red. Not drying and have an amazing staying power.
I would suggest this product to any one that just learn to make eyebrow. The pencil shape like a sword it would help you to draw Dot, line and shadding. The formula not supper creamy where you could over do. It's dry but you could build the color slowly. I use this one in everyday basis where I wanna rocking a natural look.

- Silicon free Shampoo
 last year I just cut my hair once. so my hair grows a lot and I love to wear curls. But I noticed that my hair is too hard to style, the curls doesn't hold well. Before the curls would hold for days until I washed my hair. But then I found out that actually the shampoo that makes my hair shiny and manage able has tons of silicon. 
- Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
Well naturally I had frizzy dry hair, without the silicone coat my hair is dry and dull. So to bring back the shine and softness I apply  Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil after I washed my hair. This is great because it's silicon free, but give the nice shine and repair the texture as well. More over it's absorb quickly unlike tha silicone that made a coat.

Read a post about my simple hair routine.

Happy New Year!


Cause I employed my self I have to tell myself what should I do next. I didn't went to any party this new year. Just sit in front of TV, tuning in the latest news of Air Asia QZ8501 but inside mourning for the suicide of a transgender. Hopefully we have an EXUBERANT Years ahead! 

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