Week 1, 2015 "Rest in Power, Leelah Alcorn!"

Photo via Lazer Princess

First week of 2015 link round up will be dedicated to our Sister 'Leelah Alcorn" and whole transgender community.

1. Trans Teens Leaves Tumblr Suicide Note Before Her Death (refinery29)

2.The Whittington: The Ryland's Story (youtube)

3. Little fact about Transgender

4. "I'm a Guy" a female-male transgender that is not transforming. And kinda why New York city such a cool place.

5. Living a Transgender Childhood

In the end I hope you'll understand that gender is something grey, not black and white. I would like to address this specially to parents. Because there's nothing more important as a child that parents love and acceptance. Last the whole society to understand more about gender identity.  

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