Don't you miss John Galliano (or at least his works)


John Galliano return, after 4 year. I always adore the fashion show that John throw. His show is a perfection, the dress was presented in theatrical fashion show, the catwalk is not just a set but a magical place, and the models not just walk the runway, but they are someone that tell something. I always wait his show in every fashion week and couture show to see what he did. You could tell how sad I'm when he banned and fired from Dior 4 years ago.

Last October, he was appointed as a creative director for Maison Martin Margiela, and he just made a come back through the small Couture Collection. Welcome back John Galliano.

Ps. Maison Martin Margiela drop the Martin and go with Maison Margiela, they pick the one that pronounce the hardest.

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