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I hate powders, press powder etc, it clogged your pores and make your skin looks bumpy. Every time I use powder, I could feel like you add one layer that make you skin couldn't breath, or just like you are had been in a long-long trip in the middle of dusty old shop (you know that feeling when you had a lot of dust on your hand, your hand feel So I never into the touch up or reapply powder in my face, In high school my friend like you wash their face with water (sans facial foam) and then reapply the whole skincare routine and powder. I never a fan of that kind of ritual. If I need to apply or reapply anything I would strip down everything from my face. I admit that the powder with talc work best to stop the shine on your face. But in the other hand if you had a big-big pores, powder is not your best friend. Yes it does the job to absorb oil, but it also clogged your pore, in the end of the day, your skin look dry and rough, sometimes even lead to pimple.

Years ago I watch a video review of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, Dustin Hunter told that he only grab a couple pan, but when he tried it, and he fall in love with the finish, that he need to get all colors. But the palette quite pricey, back then around holiday 2013 they released the Ambient Lighting Palette, feature 2 colors that already in the line (Dim Light and Radiant Light) and 1 palette special color (Incandescent Light). I get it around early 2014.  READ MORE FOR REVIEW

My first Impression using this powder. I don't like it. I use powder in daily basis on top of my skincare to reduce the shine and tackiness. I tried them but they seem makes my pores look bigger, more over the shimmer are so overwhelm. But the most of it I hate that it made my pores look super big.

After revisit... But now I've been loving the ambient lighting powder again. Since my pores are much more smaller right now. I've been loving this powder so much. I use dim light for my everyday look and Incandescent light for night out or party. I use Real Technique Powder brush to apply it. I pat the brush to the pan to pick up product and directly apply on face. I found that the powder work best when use directly after my skincare (after my finish cream).  I've tried it with my Lancome Mat Miracle Foundation. I found it wasn't as beautiful as it is apply after the skincare. I find that the powder doesn't sit really well on top of this foundation.

Why I fall in love again?
this product is free of talc, gluten, fragrance, and nano particles. I've tried all three colors. I love them all, You won't feel your face became stiff like the other powder do, It doesn't make my pores clogged. The shimmer actually super subtle, it gives an impression of naturally glowing skin. They doesn't set in the lines and would never became powdery no matter how much you apply. It photograph really pretty and won't give you white cast.

The down side: the oily control. Within 2 hour you already need to blot the oil.

The blush review come latter.

Where to Buy:
instagram: @shoppinglust (955k IDR)
                   @sevenminutesbeauty (920k IDR)

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