Finish Cream a.k.a. Pore Armor


Last year I watch Get it Beauty special episode Jung Saem Moll. She share her beauty secret. As for skin care, she finish the routine by applying Finish Cream. Finish Cream act as a barrier that protect your skin care layer beneath. So your skin care could work better without being contaminated with harmful particle. Not long after this episode. Etude House launch Dust Cut Line. This line is specially dedicated for protecting your skin from small particle that could sit on your skin and made your skin look dull and congested. 


From this line I try the Dust Cut Finish Cream. As you could see from the video above it protect your pore from being entered by particle that might made it congested.  I applied it after I finish all my skin care routine day and night. the cream have a gel consistency and smell really fresh (smell quite like citrus). When you applied it in your skin you could fell it absorb but also stay sit on your skin. This cream giving a glowing skin look but doesn't have the greasy feeling, although you'll feel sticky when first apply it absorb quickly. But you can wear powder on top of it if you much more into matte looking skin.


After use it on and off for 10 months. Most of the time I love this cream. It does protecting your skin from the fine dust that might sit on your skin and blocked your pore. I noticed that less whitehead form each time I use this cream. This cream really does prevent my pores from being congested, the small bumps reduce and my skin look smoother.

I would recommend this for anyone with large pores. Sometimes the congested pore caused the pimple.This cream really works as it claim. More over this cream is 5 free (mineral oil, artificial pigment, paraben, sulfate, triethanolamine).

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