The Importance of Eye Rinse


If you use oil based cleanser to remove your eye makeup, rinse your eye is one important step. Rinse your eyes help to remove the dirt and oil left in your eye, left your eyes clean and fresh.
This past 4 days my right eyelid was swollen and is still swollen. I guess this might be caused by the oil based cleanser that I used. I never remember the important to rinse my eyes until it swollen for days like now. Back then, years ago when I learn to wear and take off make up my sister lecture me the important of rinse your eyes/ bath your eye with some kind of solution to get rid dust and oil. 

I guess that few days ago I'm in rush so I don't take off my make up properly. I skip a step and ended up with dust and oil clogged my gland and now with the bacteria poufff my eyelid swollen, itchy, hurt and red...
Not the best face to start the year.

I use y-rins to clean my eyes, whenever I felt they are stuffy.

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