Best Beauty Found in 2014

Last year I really explore the world of beauty like I never did before. I try a lots of lips color. Wearing a  thick coat of bold red lipstick. This is the list of item that I tried in 2014 and loved.

Skin Care
I've been using this Award winning line since April until this moment. It help to smooth my skin and prevent the future breakout. After a week trying the Softening Concentrate, Purifying Cleanser and Protective Moisturiser. I could tell that my skin surface became smoother and my pimple start to reduce.
- Erymed 
Aside from good skin care you need a good topical acne treatment. Last year I try Benzoyl Peroxide. It dried the zit quickly but left your skin look super awfully dry, dye my bang  and eye brow. So I try erymed, this is the best. Not only help to kill the bacteria but also reduce the redness and not drying.
I found this one after read an article somewhere about some model night time skin care routine. She said that she use it and in the morning she could tell that her skin became much clearer and help to fading her acne scar. I couldn't agree more. It's absorb quickly and work well with other skin care I had. I notice that my acne scar fading faster.
The ultimate pore cleansing solution for me. If you had the most stubborn white head you gotta try this one! It cleanse you pore without the tightness and dryness feeling afterward.
- Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream
The idea of finish cream is a filter/ protective layer for your skincare. It prevent the small particle stay sit on your skin. I apply this after all your skin care routine. I love this product. Even though it called cream, it has a gel like consistency. I love the fresh smell and how it protect my skin from dust. Every time I use this cream I could feel minimal formation of white head.

I got a coupon, and I think to my self that I never try a fancy mascara before. So I bought this one, I never look back at my drugstore mascara ever again. (I did once and I hate it). it smell nice and light. Separate the lash perfectly and hold the curl nicely.
If you looking for lacquer lip product I would recommend this one. Totally affordable, wide color range from mauve, fuchsia, to red. Not drying and have an amazing staying power.
I would suggest this product to any one that just learn to make eyebrow. The pencil shape like a sword it would help you to draw Dot, line and shadding. The formula not supper creamy where you could over do. It's dry but you could build the color slowly. I use this one in everyday basis where I wanna rocking a natural look.

- Silicon free Shampoo
 last year I just cut my hair once. so my hair grows a lot and I love to wear curls. But I noticed that my hair is too hard to style, the curls doesn't hold well. Before the curls would hold for days until I washed my hair. But then I found out that actually the shampoo that makes my hair shiny and manage able has tons of silicon. 
- Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
Well naturally I had frizzy dry hair, without the silicone coat my hair is dry and dull. So to bring back the shine and softness I apply  Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil after I washed my hair. This is great because it's silicon free, but give the nice shine and repair the texture as well. More over it's absorb quickly unlike tha silicone that made a coat.

Read a post about my simple hair routine.

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