Cleansing Device: Was it worth the splurge?


If you had oily skin, you'll build a tendency to overly obsess to overly cleanse your skin. You might have extra steps if you had acne prone skin. You might someday thinking about buying a cleansing device to help you deeply clean your pores. This past 3 month I've tried using Clarisonic Mia 2 every night when I take off my makeup. (Was it worth?)

I use it with facial foam (I use Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser). I make the foam and spread it all over my face (Like spreading the jam on the toast, not missing any corner), then run the device on my face. Then I rinse my face. 

Each time I use it I could feel that my skin feels super clean, smooth and  more radiant. When I wipe my face with toner, I notice there is less dirt on the cotton pad. It proves that the device helps to clean your skin even more. Since my skin is really clean, my skincare could absorb better.

Nice thing about this device, It has 6 different types of head brush based on skin type. I use Acne Brush. It's soft but still help to clean you skin perfectly. I've tried Deep Pore brush, but it wasn't what my skin want, after a week I had irritation around my nose and I break out. You'll need to replace the brush every month for hygiene reason.

If you planed to own one, first of all you need to decide carefully your skin type and pick the perfect brush for your skin. It would help improve your complexion.

I would say cleansing device is not an essential, but If you had trouble skin it would be nice to have one. It helps to improve your complexion. But if you already had a beautiful skin you could totally skip this splurge.

Read my night time cleansing routine here.

Where to buy this? read here: Where to shop Ready Stock?

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