Review & Demo: Etude House Double Lasting Foundation


Once I saw this online, I tell myself that I should try this! Since it's double lasting I expected this foundation to last all day.

#BeautyTester : A Mask that keep you Matte All Day


To be honest, I never been so obsess with oil control before I started wearing makeup. I was never ever, like any other girl in my class, wash her face during the subject change or powder to keep the face matte. I just don't care at all. But since I started wearing makeup, I hate oil. they always makes my foundation do not stay where it should be.
I watched Sari Reanna's video of Best Product for Oil Control. She mention Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. She said that this mask help her to stay matte all day long whenever she use it before applying makeup. Again I'm sold. Once the khiel's message me about the discount event. I hit the store and grab one for me.

Its super huge!

#Inspiration: Glitter Line Cut Crease

I first saw Desi Perkin did this look. The glitter liner cut the crease, give your clean classic cut crease a edgy glam twist. So here's some inspiration.

#BeautyTester: Better Than MAC fix+ and MUFE Mist & Fix , and CHEAPER!


So I know this Setting Spray when I watch Get it Beauty This Brand even beat the Holy Grail Makeup Fixer like MAC Fix+ and Makeup Forever Mist & Fix in Blind Test. Plus it is supper affordable. So I give it a try.

The very first and only one makeup setting spray that I tried is urban decay all nighter. I just don't think it did something. It doesn't get rid the cakeyness, it doesn't make it last longer, nada.. So after that, I just not really into makeup setting spray at all.

But then, I watch this episode, and I'm quite surprise. The first winner is So natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer. Like how good it is. So I give it a try. FYI, before I finalize my review I tried this couple times with different foundation. I love it so much. I finally found a setting spray that help my foundation to stay on my face more longer It give dewy finish without make your skin look super wet or glossy. It came in spray tin can and the spray distribute the product into a very fine mist. It does have a powdery floral smell, but doesn't linger. But , do not expect that your makeup would be sweatproof and waterproof. I find that this setting spray help to lock your makeup in place. When you rub your makeup, it will move and transfer. But it doesn't make it smudge. If you have oily skin, using mattifiying primer is a must to see the result.
As you can see here:
with flash
Without Flash

In the left side without and in the right side with the setting spray. The side with So natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer look smoother. The setting spray makes the makeup look smoother and less heavy/ cakey. As you take a closer look, especially for foundation, with the setting spray it help to minimize the appearance of fine lines. As the smudge test the one with setting spray doesn't smudge when being rub.
with flash
and I also compare it with my all nighter makeup setting spray, It doesn't make the makeup look smoother, and I notice as I spray it it makes the blush clump, and when I rub it it smudge.

So if you trying to find a makeup setting spray affordable and works, try this one.
(So Natural, All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixx *, 15000 KRW)

*Recently they upgrade the formula and change the packaging. I'm not sure that you'll able to purchase the version anymore

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Mini Review and Comparasion: Clarisonic Brush Head

 I've been an avid user of clarisonic mia for this past 2 years.. and I swear although I still have pimple here and there (mostly because of hormones and sleep late). But I have zero problem with acne caused by makeup residue, my skin is super smooth and my ance scar never takes to long to fading. the good thing about Clarisonic is that they offer different type of brush head based on your skin types. So far I tried 3 types of brush. Delicate, Deep Pore and Acne.

Delicate brush head designated for those who have fragile and super sensitive skin. Deep pore use for deep cleanse the pore and Acne is for those with acne skin. Out of three, the acne brush is the softest and the bristle is sparse. next the delicate brush head is also soft but you could felt that it's more dense compare to acne. And as for the deep pore the bristle is even more sturdy, not as dense as delicate, and still feel soft.

I first stared with acne brush head, and then when I'm not broke out much I'll switch to delicate brush head. And Now I'm using deep pore brush head to help minimize the appearance of large pore. I Paired it with Khiel's Ultra Facial Cleanser and I'm using Clay Mask after. I'd like to try the Satin Precision Brush in the future, because I had hard time to reach contoured area like nose and under eyes.

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Current Obsession: The Faceshop's Rice Water Bright Line


 I first tried the Eye and Lips Makeup Remover 3 years ago. I love how smooth it is and smell really nice. Even though I tried many other brand, I always return to this one. At first I thought that it is a skincare line with day cream, night cream etc. But actually Rice Water Bright Line specially to clean your face. So last year I received  Rice Water Bright Facial Foam as a gift with purchase. Since I'm traveling light, so I decided to bring this sample with me. I tried it and like it. It cleans your face without drying your skin. I also tried the Light Cleansing oil and Cleansing milk. It's effectively take off your makeup without make your skin feels dry. I would highly recommend this line for those with sensitive skin and dry skin who needs a gentle cleansing. This line have complete cleansing method, Cleansing oil, cleansing water, milk cleansing, facial foam, cleansing balm, tissue etc. I'm sure you'll find something that suit your cleansing preference.

Rice Water Bright Line (The Face Shop)

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 Current Obsession: The Faceshop's Rice Water Bright Line

#CultFavorite: Marcks Loose Powder


My first memory with this powder was a long time ago... My grandmother use it as her only skincare. She'll use it after she take a bath (in the morning and evening). Unlike other older ladies suffer with pigmentation, wrinkles, pores, sagging etc. Even in though she is 80, people would say that she is just turn 60. She would only have wrinkle in corner of her eyes. All her life she is bless with clear skin. She been use this powder forever. This powder still around and could be easily found everywhere in Indonesia. 

This powder came in standard powder container. I got mine in color cream, since I believe this will suit my skin tone better. This powder come in 2 size, small and big. The powder came in 3 color translucent, putih (translucent), cream, and rose. When I saw the ingredient, it's all simple, talc, corn starch, salicylic acid, and color.
The salicylic acid makes me interested, but the talc shut down the excitement. I hate talc! They seem found their way to sit in my pore, clogged it and make my skin rough. But still I give it a try.
I notice that it is indeed smoother. I could tell that the area around my nose and cheek (this is the area became rough and bumpy as I use powder) are not became rough. It has bad oil control, and you need to touch up every now and then. Does it clears acne? Well.. I've tried it only for 3 days. So I couldn't tell.

Have you ever tried this powder? let me know.
P.s. Raissa mention this in her snapchat a long time ago, she made me intrigued to try this powder.

April Favorite

I spend too much time being comfortable in my parent house... I do not blog as much as I planned. So I don't want to delay the monthly favorite any longer so here is my favorite items for April.
1. Cure Aqua Gel
My sister bought this for my mom last year and she just haven't finished it. So I use it a lot to help her :p. it really clean your pores, it melt off your blackhead. But try not to over do it. Because this is kindda stripping if you over use it.

2. Eglipse Blur Powder Pact
This is my current favorite setting powder, I use it a lot when I did makeup for other people. It hep to create an illusion that you have a smooth face. Read my complete review here.

3. So Natural Makeup Brush Dry Clean Sponge
 So if you are familiar with vera mona color switch, so this is the cheaper korean version. this help me so much, I would have my brush clean instantly and ready to use. 

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamana Palette
It launch like 2 year ago for 2014 Holiday collection. I prefer palette with cardboard pacakong for traveling because I believe that cardboard kindda softer when it got pressure, well I don't know how to explain the phyisical theories. It just more save for traveling. Plus I just love all the color from the palette. the are all so versatile, I could do any kind of look with only one palette and not to mention the size is so perfect for travelling.

First Time : Sociolla Haul!


I know that sociolla has been around for a while, I browse the website quite often. They have various brand but, only sell selected item from each brand, so you won't find everything. So all the time, I want to buy, but they don't sell it. Last week they have up to 50% off discount for tool from selected brand, I check their website and Volare is one of brands that participated in the sale, and they have 40% off discount. I don't think twice, I've been wanting to try their brush forever
So I pick 2 eye brush, because they are the most cheapest one. The step is all the same with other website, you click the "buy" (beli) button, checkout and choose your payment method. This is where I got confused... I choose to pay by Bank Transfer. I got the email with the total amount, the account number etc. But, the don't have the confirmation link or button. So I end up placed another order. but it's also doesn't have the confirmation link or button. Sooo I decided that it just the way it is..

So I wire the money, and I got the email that informed that my payment have been received. So here is ahat I received in the mail 2 days after, a pretty pink box printed with words "Pretty Thing Inside". I'm more accited with the box rather than the brush that I bought. I never really knew that they shipped with box and have a thank you note inside

#BeautyTester: Eglipse Blur Powder Pact


Unless you are a Korean beauty addict there is a big chance that you never heard this brand. I first discover this brand when I buy BBIA eyeliner from I never really interested to this brand because the packaging is so simple and I hardly ever heard any review about this product. But then Pony mention this product in her video. She said that the powder work like filter and makes your skin look super smooth.

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