REVIEW & DEMO: Clio 'Tintted Tattoo Kill Brow'

Ok I admit it, I sometimes draw my eyebrow with eyeliner. I fount it stay on really well, last longer and easier. So I'm beyond thrilled and excited when this product first launch. Clio 'Tintted Tattoo Kill Brow' one item with two product Eyebrow Tint and Mascara. High Five for extra space left in your luggage, finally you could stuff more lip color that you would probably never wear entire trip.

Hi 2016! Happy new year, Happy Chinese new year and Happy Valentine Day.

Okay, okay I know it, the new year is like 2 months ago. But hey this is my first post this year. I think that I need to be more attention to this blog. I really glad that last year even though I just post like few times and lost the spirit to keep the blog running, there still someone out there somehow find this blog and left lovely comment, thank you for friends and family who keep support me. So hopefully this year I will be really really
committed to keep the blog flow with interesting articles.

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