REVIEW & DEMO: Clio 'Tintted Tattoo Kill Brow'

Ok I admit it, I sometimes draw my eyebrow with eyeliner. I fount it stay on really well, last longer and easier. So I'm beyond thrilled and excited when this product first launch. Clio 'Tintted Tattoo Kill Brow' one item with two product Eyebrow Tint and Mascara. High Five for extra space left in your luggage, finally you could stuff more lip color that you would probably never wear entire trip. said:
"Naturally perfect brows have never been easier with the innovative 2-in-1 Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo. The marker pen end is used to tint the skin under the brows for a temporary tattoo finish; the brow mascara to shape and add volume to sparse brows. Easy to use and waterproof formula make perfect brows easy for anyone to achieve"

First impression:

I pick 2 Soft Brown, which happen to be the lightest color out of 3 other. The tattoo pen have felt tip applicator like an eyeliner with jumbo applicator or marker with pointy tip. It does smell but you would barely notice it.
I tried to swipe it once, the color payoff not really vivid, but you could layer it. When You need to wait until one layer dry before add more layer, if you are not patience enough you will end up with patchy eyebrow. The color stays really well through all the sweat, but fade away a lot. If you like a sharply shaped eyebrow wouldn't like this product.

The Brow Mascara end have straight brush, with one side longer that the other side. I found that it is so messy to apply directly with the brush. For those who like light and not stiffening eyebrow mascra would love this. This would help to give color to your eyebrow without make it stiff. But for those who want to tamed their eyebrow would not enjoy this brow mascara.


I like how easy it is to apply the tattoo pen, although I could not go with sharply shape eyebrow. And for the brow mascara, I don't really like it because it doesn't keep the brow neat and stay in place. But the good thing is, it is so smooth and doesn't look patchy when touch the skin. But sadly it fades away, still there but hardly seen when I take it to pool for swimming.

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